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  1. You forgot the GPU render timings which are way above 11ms with your hardware and these settings. That's why it's red. FPS isn't the only important point in VR. Render timings of max 11ms are even more important - IMO also with ASW. e:Called 'frame timing' on Steam.
  2. Most people would be helped if you change the damn code for the crowd. This was already in DR 1 and D4 only optimized for AMD cards, which is why Nvidia users should change this option to 'LOW'. (There isn't much visible difference, especially while driving - 'LOW' is important) In terms of frame rate, it's like day and night. (But don't turn them off completely, because technically you still have a invisible crowd you can drive into) The card doesn't matter as long as it is a nvidia card, be it with a 960 4G and a old i5 CPU or with a RTX2070 and a new i7, it's the same well-known pr
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