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  1. Issue: 1) Car engine sound is way too loud. Changing the value between 50 and 100 makes no output difference Because of the engine volume, I had to reduce the HMD volume from 90% to about 40% in the previous update (the problem still exists). The engine sound was also reduced from 60 to 50 and the co-driver is constantly at 100%. . However, the engine is much too loud. 2) It's still hard to understand the co-driver, better than in the last update but still too quiet. (also because of the engine) And just btw: Similar to Scotland, the "co-driver" in WRX is also also very quiet, but that's a problem since release. (Most WRC stages are louder) Method of Reproduction: Use a HMD Use German language Choose Scotland (and/or WRX) Try to listen to the co-driver with default settings, then use your own. Try to hear/find the difference between 50% and 100% engine sound. Platform: Steam/Oculus PC Build: Win 10 (OS Build 18363.778) RTX 2070 Armor, i7-8700K, 16GB RAM. Happens with Nvidia, Realtek and Oculus sound output. (Doesn't matter if i use Razer Surround or not) All drivers up-to-date, incl USB, soundcard, chipset etc. Bios is also up-to-date and the drivers for the graphics card is clean installed with every update (as recommended by nvidia and amd). VR Headset used: Rift S (Oculus Software version: 17)
  2. DessIntress

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    It's really nice that they have fixed the German Co-Driver sound after all the time (damn ASMR Edition), but the second sound issue is still a thing. The engine sound is still toooo loud, doesn't matter if it's set to 50 or 100, it's the same output value and the Co-Driver is still hard to understand. No more ASMR but still a Engine Scream Edition. Normally, I play the game with 60% engine sound, 100% Co-driver sound and 90% HMD device sound. Now: 50(min), 100, 40....because the engine is so f.. loud. My neighbor asked me what I do with the drill, when I played with my standard sound setting... No joke.
  3. DessIntress

    VR FAQ & Performance

    You forgot the GPU render timings which are way above 11ms with your hardware and these settings. That's why it's red. FPS isn't the only important point in VR. Render timings of max 11ms are even more important - IMO also with ASW. e:Called 'frame timing' on Steam.
  4. 682/5000 I have a slightly smaller request, in addition to my already requested HDR support on the PC. Can you add thunder and lighting strikes to the current weather? It does not have to be a hurricane or something like that. But it would be much nicer and more impressive if you hear a thunder here or there or see a lightning (strike). Especially in current situations, for example when you see distant dark clouds that arrive while you are facing the sunset or when driving in heavy rain etc. This could also make a surprise moment, in which there are, for example occasionally a loud thunder that drowns everything or a closer / brighter lightning strike. All in all, that would be only 2-5 sound effects and a bit of play with the light - the rest is already in the game. e: Lightning strikes do not have to be directly on the roadway, so you do not have to change anything about it. No broken or charring trees etc.
  5. But Imo it's the 'distant dark clouds that arrive while you are facing the sunset' point, just in other words. At least, I don't think that he wants a incoming storm which starts far away and hits him during a drive (because he says 'far away'). The far away / distant dark clouds for the incoming storm are already build-in. For example in Poland. Just with missing effects. These clouds are really huge and dark.
  6. That's just atmosphere... It's like listening to the gravel. A sun that shines, a wood that is dark. And huge dark clouds normally have thunder at least with this sort of heavy rain. What would you say if there is no sound for the rain? And there are much more longer tracks than 3 minutes tracks. As I've said, it's already in the game. The only thing that is missing at the moments are the mentioned sound effects. And a really short light effect what's done really quick. The short code for it is it not even worth to talk about. That's really not much work if you know what you are doing.
  7. DessIntress

    HDR support (PC)

    Please add HDR support for the PC version of Dirt Rally 2.0. We wait for 6 months now... Even VR got its release. There is really nothing that speaks against HDR for the PC version. The OS supports it; The user screens supports it; Your console version supports it; And it's a standard option nowadays. Be it Tomb Raider, Hitman, Resident Evil, Battlefield, Crackdown or whatever... They all support HDR on PC for a long time because their console version does it too and there is no reason to avoid the pc version regarding HDR. (btw: most people are using the same screens as console users) And for some people: No, it's not HDR if you play in window mode. That's just the adjustable SDR picture of win10's HDR Mode. No HDR data, no HDR picture.
  8. DessIntress

    HDR support (PC)

    So it seems that the windows store version has HDR. (Features: Single Player, HDR, Xbox Live Achievements.) When will we finally get it with our steam version?
  9. DessIntress

    Difficulty settings for Career mode

    open, club, pro, elite, master. == very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard.
  10. DessIntress

    The Pacenotes Thread

    If you drive 20km/h then it's more like a recce. That's ideal to check if the pace notes are wrong. And late is not wrong, it's late or you are too slow. Depends on the view. But yeah, I see where it ends. Only your opinion is the correct way. Like all the 5 is 4 and and 4 is 3. Why is the 4 a 3 and not a 4? How about get used to it and understand that a 4 is a 4, a 5 a 5 and so on, not 5 is 4, 4 is 3, 3 is 2. The angle etc also matters. Just get used to this single number, if you think it's wrong, instead of complaining that every number should be lowered by one. Just my opinion...
  11. DessIntress

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    The description of the deluxe edition clearly mentions since day 1 that you get the content of the season 1 and season 2. A year has 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. If you look at the dlc calendars you will notice that 2 seasons are valid for a half year. So yeah, they are meant as real seasons and you have to pay for the additional 2 seasons. Btw: Wouldn't be surprised if we get more seasons for a second year with new stuff. It's like a games as service. And no one is forced to buy complete seasons or to buy these for a regular price. For example: buy the most important things at release and buy the rest during a sale or never. But never forget: it's additional content. Doesn't matter if it's something from a older game or brand new. That's why we have the choice.
  12. DessIntress

    WRC 9

    Please don't forget that 30% is the market standard. Be it Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA or who else. They all want their 20-30%(mostly 30%) for the distribution of your game. But yep, it's the reason why everyone has his own store. There is simply no reason why you should throw all the money to steam when you could distribute it by yourself. (sure, apart of the fanboys)
  13. DessIntress

    The Pacenotes Thread

    Co driver works fine in German. And yeah, I drove each location with about 20km/h to check it. Just don't get confused.
  14. DessIntress

    FPS & Stuttering (PC, non-VR)

    Most people would be helped if you change the damn code for the crowd. This was already in DR 1 and D4 only optimized for AMD cards, which is why Nvidia users should change this option to 'LOW'. (There isn't much visible difference, especially while driving - 'LOW' is important) In terms of frame rate, it's like day and night. (But don't turn them off completely, because technically you still have a invisible crowd you can drive into) The card doesn't matter as long as it is a nvidia card, be it with a 960 4G and a old i5 CPU or with a RTX2070 and a new i7, it's the same well-known problem with the crowd - and various DR 1 tutorials have already taken this up - and it's still the case. And because some like to underestimate this option. The crowd is not just at the beginning, the end and the U-turns. They stand every few meters in the woods, hills, between the houses etc. Actually, they are almost everywhere. Their code is so bad that it really matters. Attention: The last update did a reset on this option! You have to set it back to low. The game bar tips are ****. It sounds like a windows hate train. If you want to disable something then disable the windows background recording.