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  1. please tell the conceptors of the future projects to find another way to patch things in small affordable downloads, as not everybody is connected with limitless optic fiber. -And we should have the right, as users, to accept or refuse the download, and continue to play with previous version -Plus, this 20gb style gets hours and hours to harvest, including many shut off, restart loosing the signal etc... during those loading bugs several users of my friends report they had the pilot profile cancelled, lost their personal car settings etc. Lots of players run the xbox with their smartphone's contract; therefore getting a 20gb in this period, at the begginning of the month, is just not sustainable.. I am used to match daily events and often enter top 10 results, but now my xbox is shut up till.... have no idea when, because i just can't afford that 20GB. Need my phone for job and family during confinement. this is too big. need to spare in several optional items
  2. fcuvillier972

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

    hi sir, a friend told me that germany desapeared from the "contre-la-montre" training with the new update. he couldn't train on best lap free mode in germany location anymore. any info about this ?
  3. I wish we could have a topic about settings, some youtube guys display arcade style wood tough choices and still achieve amazing times (all-buttons-on -the-right)

    another question, could you unveal the number of users online these days (i mean world wide, both pc, xbox and PS) ? is it possible to have an idea about how many dirt:2 licences were sold worldwide, what is the global player community size range ?


    1. PJTierney


      You can make that topic, go for it 🙂 


      Player numbers: We've no intention of making them public. The people that need to know the numbers, do.

  4. Hi dear Sir,

    the car settings on McRae career feel great, therefore,

    1) does the dev' staff consider they are the optimal settings ?

    2) could we have an access for a glimpse about the values ?

    I beg 

    1. PJTierney


      Post in the McRae thread on the forum.

      I don’t know the settings right now but I think the cars are on Medium tyres and upgraded.

  5. fcuvillier972

    Greece Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    To me the playing is more fluid and pleasant, it looks wider track and less tricks. braking distances seem longer and more realistic, picture is more accurate. that is great i also love the new M2 behavior, waiting to try it in greece and i like the world series new contest, hope i may reach some Greek stage in the cursus (i'm sorry the double pay with season pass buyers was not fixed, that is quite a shame, personnaly i didn't trust it this time -especially a season pass that is half the game price... so i bought it separately.
  6. fcuvillier972

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    oh, my name not in the list at stage3, (not notified as 15:00') then stage 4 counted with 15min penalty, it seems the record data were not transmitted, maybe connection default ?
  7. fcuvillier972

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    ok, i just tried official dirt club, after 5 stages i was about 13min late (at least 10mn too much), and guys behind me were 2hours... is there a special penalty policy ?
  8. fcuvillier972

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    hi, on xbox when i go in racenet clubs menu, if i click "A" on the club pages, nothing happens... is it normal ? i cannot acces the clubs from the game ?
  9. the game uninstalled RX grB cars and denied access to D+ stages after i had to Pay for latvia, despite the fact i had already bought season pass and deluxe extend

    1. PJTierney


      What platform?

      I recommend posting in one of the forum threads as it'll be easier for other staff to see.