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  1. EDIT: correct place for this topic: CODEMASTERS you are doing a great job. The clubs you introduced today are a very good thing. BUT: There is no option to restart stage during event in clubs championships :((( I have a GREAT REQUEST on behalf of many players: Most often we play online one stage many times. Then we check who has the best time and do the general classification in our own community. ADD RESTART option. So that it can be set in the settings, for example, the ability to restart the stage and the allowed number of restarts(FROM 0 TO UNLIMITED TO THE END OF EVENT). THIS IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY IMPORTANT OPTION!
  2. An important matter changing the game. - Allow administrators to regulate how many (from 0 to eg 10) restarts can be performed at each stage. Admin should have this option. This can change the turnout to a large plus. This can be VERY GOOD at the club time trial.