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  1. scobb1972

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    @PJTierney With all the new DLC coming for season 3 and 4, will we ever be able to have all rally tracks in place to run all 12 stages in career? I know we can in custom championships but it's a total pain to ensure you have all 12 stages and all 12 segments without forgetting one. I can just imagine needing to run 144 total stages once you get to Masters level in career. Also one last point if the 144 stage rally is impossible, is there any way to find out at what AI level is set at for the 5 career levels, so I can adapt the AI to run the correct AI difficulty?
  2. Adding support for setting up more scheduling options when setting up Club championships. Could you be a bit more specific with those changes, unless it's something I'm missing?
  3. scobb1972

    Deluxe content same problem to dowload

    Content available in the US PlayStation Store but still requires payment for the DLC cars. I'm a Deluxe edition owner. 2 straight DLC releases forcing a purchase. Please fix today. Located in the United States.
  4. scobb1972

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    Already paid the additional $20 for the Deluxe. According to Twitter, they stated they are working with Sony. I play rally more than I do rallycross and not home with my wheel at the moment, but I'd want to see the issue fixed sooner, rather than later.
  5. scobb1972

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    Any update on the Latvia RX not being free to Deluxe owners on PlayStation? Store still shows a $3.99 charge, when it should be free.
  6. scobb1972

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    I'm going to try a re-install overnight tonight. Could be due to the 1.5 patch install and the original error message fixed before 1.5.1 was put out. I would also think as long as you don't delete the saved game data, all your progress should remain. If you already tried a re-install and it fixed the issue, please let me know. If you don't re-install it, I'll be sure to let you know if it fixes the issue of charging you, even with Digital Deluxe edition.
  7. scobb1972

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    Anything new on NA PlayStation regarding Latvia RX? Trying to keep the thread alive since it's almost been 3 hours. Heading to work soon for a few hours and hope the issue had either been corrected or is still in the stages of being investigated. Glad there are no daily RX on Latvia cause it would be a terrible shame to lose credits that can't even be earned.
  8. scobb1972

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    And that's even when they send the file if Sony even puts it on their store this week. Very, very frustrating. A whole day off of work and nadda. SMH.
  9. Don't feel bad, Codemasters didn't even send the file to be put up on the NA PlayStation Store, according to Sony support. And hoping they'll get off their butts and get it to us soon. Not going to wait until next Tuesday for our store to update. Really frustrating.
  10. scobb1972

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    According to PlayStation support, they don't show it even being available in North America. Not the first developer to screw the pooch. Pay for DD and seasons 1 and 2, and they always forget somebody. Go figure.
  11. scobb1972

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Latvia RX still not in US PlayStation Store. Generally releases in the US at noon Eastern time.
  12. Allows me to add both Germany and Sweden as well, but the conditions are still in Spanish. Not sure why it never defaults to English. Very frustrating. And having admins who cannot understand Spanish either, should default to English as well.
  13. Why is it when I set up a club, then select create championship, that the track conditions are in French? My profile says United States of America. Did we lose to the French or how do we select in English? Needed to regenerate a few times and it showed up in English.