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    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    It does, but not always. I don't know exactly what triggers it but it's the only way I've had 2 safetycars so far in my career (18 races into season 1, 100% race distance, I've run a total of 10000+km). Both times I flashed back immediately to the exact point before the car (in both cases my teammate) was in trouble.
  2. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    Probably because you use a ton of flashbacks.
  3. Totally agree. Do you know if its possible to go back to a previous patch version on PS4? Ideally, Id like to try 1.05 to check out the changes myself, but given what Im reading here and how much Im actually loving the game right now (I play offline mostly anyway an have no problem losing online features) I may have to go back to 1.04. I dont think its possible and should probably just not install 1.05 at all when it becomes live, right?
  4. Probably because they were at the start of the season
  5. The problematic thing with the racing line is that, after initially getting comfortable with the track, it actively holds you back from really learning the track. It gives you an indication of where you should be on the track, but the key to learning the track is finding braking and turn-in spots. This usually means you have to find markers on the side of the track, which you won’t find while staring at the colored line in front of you.
  6. Andrew210227

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Clearly its a mental challenge, since you apparently finished 6 laps short of actual race distance
  7. Andrew210227

    Wheel vs. Controller Ps4

    It does feel better with a pad this year (I tried it out last week) but that’s really weird. The input styles are essentially the same between the two, however pretty much all decent wheels have better resolution than controllers, which should give wheel users more overall precision. I’m still skeptical, but if true that’s very strange indeed.
  8. Andrew210227

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I love the part from the tunnel to Rascasse. But yeah, the rest sucks and it’s the only track where I allow myself unlimited flashbacks. At 100% distance, theres just no way I can complete the race otherwise.
  9. Andrew210227

    Wheel vs. Controller Ps4

    I don’t believe there’s a single reason why a pad user would be quicker than a wheel user. How did you come to this conclusion?
  10. Andrew210227

    REQ: Save AI difficulty per track

    This may help for the discrepancy. Note that I have Australia on 104.
  11. Andrew210227

    REQ: Save AI difficulty per track

    Most tracks seem to be within a window of either going down 1 point or up 1 point , which I guess is within the margin of error... the only tracks where I had to go down 2 points are Baku and Suzuka, with the only track where I had to increase by 2 is Silverstone. Note that I haven't done the last 4 GPs yet, so no clue for MEX,USA,BRA,UAE at this moment.
  12. Andrew210227

    REQ: Save AI difficulty per track

    This year I'm anywhere between 102 and 106, with 104 as my most used 'standard'. Every point of increase seems to be worth around 2 tenths or so at that level. Given that Codemasters can't take into account each players' personal skill level and/or their ability to properly setup the car, I don't think that's too bad really. Just deal with it and save as the setup name. Or would you rather they go back to about 5 general difficulty settings like before?
  13. Andrew210227

    Career Mode Qualifying

    I use full, because I do 100% distance as well. It doesn't really add much in terms of difficulty to short qualy though, it's just longer. You will have to go in with an idea of which tyres to use.
  14. Andrew210227

    chequered flag?

    During FP and Qualy, when the clock hits 0:00, the checkered flag comes out and the game gives you about 2 minutes or so to complete your lap, which then is shown in the top right corner as per your screenshot. You need to make sure you cross the line before the INITIAL clock hits 0:00 to complete your lap.
  15. Andrew210227

    My Career Mode Summery: Season 2

    Perez' AI is so ridiculously OP in this game.
  16. OK, that makes sense. I had seen some 'strange' transfers between seasons but thought mostly mid-season transfers only involved lower ranked drivers. I'm not really surprised though that it's less than perfect, since this is (I think) the first time Codemasters ever implemented such an option in any of their games. Even other yearly sports games like FIFA who've been doing this for years often struggle with somewhat realistic and balanced transfers. I don't expect a fix for F1 2019 though. To me a larger issue is the AI skill level between drivers. We could already see last year that this seemed poorly balanced by how difficult some guys were to beat vs others, and the fact that they weren't updated for this year's launch created some weird situations like Hulkenberg being consistently quicker than Ricciardo. I hope a reassessment of drivers' speed is part of the performance update.
  17. I don't think that's happening to be honest. Why don't you want the midseason transfers exactly?
  18. Andrew210227

    Turn off "tooltips"... Is there a way?

    play in cockpit mode and turn off HUD.
  19. Probably not, but there's no way I'm not going to make a backup of my save file before it drops.
  20. Andrew210227

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    It looks to be bugged. It seems to only (occasionally) comes out when you use a flashback immediately after someone retires.
  21. Andrew210227

    Newb questions about replacing a gearbox

    Once it says pending, it will be installed at the next session. And it will automatically install race gearbox before FP3.
  22. Andrew210227

    Race starts SLOW compared to A.I

    The thing is: I don’t always get it wrong, but when I get it right, I have no real clue why.
  23. Once you’re in a session, you can’t change it. If you do full q1 q2 q3 qualifying, you can change it in between sessions. if you ever miss the time window to change it between practice sessions, you can exit career mode to main menu and reload your career. While reloading, you get another chance to change your settings.
  24. Andrew210227

    gear box problems using automatic shift

    If you dont get any reliability upgrades for the gearbox, in the beginning of your career youll likely wont get through 6 events without fitting a new one. Dont worry, its kind of part of the game. The real problem of missing gears etc usually starts at 70-80% wear. I always make sure to change it before I hit 80% and just take the penalty.
  25. Andrew210227

    Full Sim help

    Id also suggest to shift the brake balance down in your car setup screen to about 55% or lower. Aling with a lower brake pressure, This should help with the lock ups.