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  1. That's some good stuff, thanks. Particularly like the flexibility in career mode.
  2. Andrew210227

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    The pedals are by far the biggest difference of the CSL package. CSL pedals are completely aluminium, and you feel that stifness right away. I'd say the standard brake on the CSL is better than the T3PA conical brake mod (which I had originally as well). But the CSL loadcell brake is in a different league from the standard brake pedals. I really enjoyed the Thrustmaster, used it for about 3 years, but haven't regretted getting the CSL for a second.
  3. The screenshot doesn't show rear wing damage, it seems to be the front wing of an unseen car behind that's shattered.
  4. Andrew210227

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    So happy you're here to tell us how to play the game the right way. What would we do without your expertise?
  5. While I don't proclaim to have any inside information I can absolutely guarantee VR support is not available. There would be no reason for Codies to withhold this information until this close to release as it would be a huge selling point. Since console is such an important parts of sales for the F1 series, until we have a powerful enough console/VR combination available, I'm fairly positive VR won't be a thing. I do wish they'd add that virtual mirror though.
  6. Andrew210227

    Dividing assists from No assists

    You're absolutely right. TC in F1 2018 actually limits how quickly you can go on corner exit.
  7. Andrew210227

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    I really liked the feel of the Thrustmaster Open rim when I tried it out a few years ago (when it was still exclusive to the TS-PC). The big grips are particularly nice. I feel like it's only a minor upgrade over the Ferrari F1, though. It really should have a few more buttons which is my main issue with it. Having said that, I upgraded to a CSL Elite recently and I'm actually quite shocked how much of an upgrade the entire package is. I thought it'd be only minor but it's considerably better in every way compared to my old Thrustmaster T300.
  8. Yes, it's on the list.
  9. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 - Voice commands on xbox one?

    No, they can't. XBox voice command works differently from Sony: Cortana or Kinect is required for voice commands to your XBox, and Microsoft hasn't opened it up to devs as I understand it, only Kinect. Which is pretty much dead of course. If you want to test it: try turning on/off your Xbox with voice control through your headset while NOT using Cortana/Kinect. Then you'll know for sure who's at fault.
  10. Andrew210227

    Commentary in F1 2019

    No, thanks. You have your engineer to give you that kind of information.
  11. Andrew210227

    My F1 2018 can't anto save

    Which platform? Autosave should be on by default regardless.
  12. Andrew210227

    Cockpit Cam vs TV Pod

    You have more visibility from the T-cam, but I just don't like it. Cockpit cam all the way, I don't even map the change view option to any of my buttons anymore.
  13. Andrew210227

    How is F2 integrated into career mode?

    From what I've heard this is exactly what will happen in this year's career mode: you have to sign for a junior program initially.
  14. Andrew210227

    POLL: What do you miss most in F1 games?

    I'll focus mainly on career mode: - extra tracks with the ability to switch about 2 of them out before each career season - the ability to manually change driver names after each season is complete (to circumvent the inability of driver transfers) - in combination with this: manually setting driver skill slider (F1 2018 example: being able to set Verstappen's skill higher and/or tone Ricciardo's down) in order to get some sort of progression of drivers. - expansion of the regulation changes beyond R&D: basically give the player the option to change GP format each 2 seasons or so (for instance sprint/feature races; reverse grid; changing qualifying format, other points system etc). - remove interview cutscenes and just do them in main menu through a text system. - addition of some generic livery bases which can be adjusted per team before each season to keep career mode looking 'fresh' (without changing sponsorship location on the cars or team colors) - more varied practice programs General: - true manual pitstops (not just pushing buttons as OP noted, but actually have control of the car throughout the pitlane). Same for start sequence. - virtual mirror - VR (won't happen) - Fanatec Clubsport F1 SDK support by Sony/Microsoft
  15. Andrew210227

    F1 2018 AI skill

    Exactly. It doesn't really matter: the most realistic setting is the one where you get the most realistic result. I use 107 as a base, but have to tone it slightly down to 105-106 for several tracks an up to 108-109 for others.
  16. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 Steering wheels

    The teams will have their own steering wheels from a shape & colour perspective, but the display will be the same for all cars.
  17. I wouldn't get my hopes up. They tested for FFB, I've seen clips of people testing F1 2019 with the DD base & wheel, yet no one has commented on the encoders working. I'm just assuming it won't work, that way I won't be dissapointed.
  18. Andrew210227

    Safety Car

    On 2018, I have a safetycar more than half of the races. Currently working on a season with RBR, 3 safetycars in 3 GP's. I do race 100% distance though, I guess for really short races the odds are logically severely reduced.