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  1. Andrew210227

    Race highlights

    Agree with all of the above, yet I still watch them if only for the super-slomo shots. It's when the game is at it's absolute peak, graphically.
  2. Correct, AI has different skill levels between drivers but not a different driving style/personality. I'm OK with that but it always annoys me that they claim they do.
  3. I seem to be one of F1 2019's biggest defenders out here but even I will note that this is utter nonsense.
  4. That's a really good question. The driver performances have also not been updated from last year's version it seems (apart from the new drivers), which is causing some issues such as Hulkenberg being consistently faster than Ricciardo.
  5. Andrew210227

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I think it was fixed last year, so why not? After a few months of not playing F1 2018 I picked it up again to do a full season in anticipation for 2019 and I had a safetycar in about 2/3rds of all GPs.
  6. Andrew210227

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    I run 100% distance, so scaling isn't the issue for me. Usually, without any reliability upgrades I can run about 3 or 4 events on a gearbox at best (I don't let it get to 100%, once it reaches anywhere close to 80%, I'm done). I like the R&D penalty idea though. It would give me more of an incentive to take care of the components.
  7. Andrew210227

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    When did you change the gearbox exactly? I had a similar issue (PS4). Changed it after qualifying 7th in Baku, during the race intro grid overview it the "penalty" graphic behind my name but didn't actually drop me any spots. There were no other penalties by AI that may have compensated my actual grid position by the way. I changed gearbox again in France, this time before free practice and it did give me the grid drop.
  8. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Exactly. The cars aren't actually much more understeer-y than last year. The ballast is actually the key why it feels that way, because almost everyone ran with 8+ ballast last year. I'd suggest fiddling around with the off throttle diff setting. Opening this up can really help with corner entry.
  9. Andrew210227

    Can we choose our teammate?

    Yes, replaced drivers can (and will) come back into F1.
  10. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 - Alternatives for controllers (PS4)

    You can attach a wheel to a table top with a clamp, you don’t have to build an entire rig to run a wheel. There are wheels available in the 100-200 Eur/usd range that work fine
  11. Andrew210227

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    You can do a full season, not tied to career mode.
  12. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    Also, lower front ride height compared to rear for a bit more turn in. Don’t overdo it though
  13. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    What setups are you using? Im doing career at Alfa too and have no real issues. Yeah the cars are more understeery this year because they (finally) removed ballast which allowed for ridiculous setups to be exploited. Your difficulty adjustment seems about right, I went from 107 in F1 2018 to 104 now, and Im generally a few tenths quicker than Kimi.
  14. Andrew210227

    Can we choose our teammate?

    Since you bought the game you’re technically a pay-driver then.
  15. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    Ah I missed that, well that sucks. Is that also the case if you skip the scenario mode?
  16. Andrew210227

    F1 2019 Career Mode Teammates

    Last year it was possible to choose your teammate when starting a career only (not when you switched teams later on). I know you can skip the whole F2/storyline thing this year so perhaps you can select Albon as your teammate that way.
  17. Andrew210227

    Worst pre release ever!

    Good explanation. I think you're right. The base of the career seemingly hasn't changed, apart from the addition of the storyline, interviews etc etc which have to do with those Weber and Butler guys. I think it's up to you to decide whether that's interesting enough for you to play through it.
  18. Andrew210227

    Worst pre release ever!

    You can skip F2 and play career mode like you did last year.
  19. Andrew210227

    Worst pre release ever!

    OK, so don't buy it. Just because you haven't been paying attention doesn't mean you have to blame someone else for it.
  20. I believe so, yes. The rim from the TC PC racer package is the exact same one as the Open Wheel add on that's now available for purchase as a rim-only. As I understand it it always worked on other TM bases, however the rim wasn't individually sold before.
  21. Andrew210227

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    The pedals are by far the biggest difference of the CSL package. CSL pedals are completely aluminium, and you feel that stifness right away. I'd say the standard brake on the CSL is better than the T3PA conical brake mod (which I had originally as well). But the CSL loadcell brake is in a different league from the standard brake pedals. I really enjoyed the Thrustmaster, used it for about 3 years, but haven't regretted getting the CSL for a second.
  22. Andrew210227

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    So happy you're here to tell us how to play the game the right way. What would we do without your expertise?
  23. Andrew210227

    Thrustmaster Open Wheel

    I really liked the feel of the Thrustmaster Open rim when I tried it out a few years ago (when it was still exclusive to the TS-PC). The big grips are particularly nice. I feel like it's only a minor upgrade over the Ferrari F1, though. It really should have a few more buttons which is my main issue with it. Having said that, I upgraded to a CSL Elite recently and I'm actually quite shocked how much of an upgrade the entire package is. I thought it'd be only minor but it's considerably better in every way compared to my old Thrustmaster T300.
  24. Yes, it's on the list.