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  1. I finished my first season over the weekend and did a little trial. I didn't find out what triggered a driver to be transfered (I'm fairly sure performance has at least something to do with it). Backed up my save game on multiple USB's and found the following: - Transfers are (basically) fixed once you go to the last event before a contract negotiation. When I was in the main screen for Abu Dhabi, and simmed the entire event multiple times; transfers would always be the same, with one exception -Exception: if you make a transfer for your driver this may effect the other transfers slightly. But the essence of those transfers remains the same. Example: in my career season 1 the midseason transfer was Perez to Renault, Ricciardo out, Giovinazzi to Racing Point. If I didn't transfer myself then end of season transfer was ALWAYS like this (I tried about 5 times) Ricciardo back to Renault for Hulkenberg Hulkenberg to McLaren - Norris out That's it. It's all I got. Quite happy with it. If I transfer my driver to Renault as number one driver, I got matched up with Ricciardo and Perez would take my seat at Alfa, Hulkenberg in - Norris out at McLaren If I transfer to Renault as number two driver, I got matched up with Perez and Ricciardo would take my seat at Alfa. McLaren transfer wouldn't change from before (Hulkenberg in - Norris out) If I transfer to McLaren, as either number one or two driver, I got matched up with Hulkenberg, Ricciardo would take my seat at Alfa BUT Norris would take the 2nd Renault seat and Sainz would be out. This is what I ended up doing and I'm now at McLaren for season 2. If I transfer to any other team the driver I replace would take my Alfa seat and other transfers would be the same as above. It's worth noting that Norris and Sainz were very close in performance in my career with only a point between them. I don't know why the game chose to drop one over the other but it didn't seem to matter who finished higher...
  2. Andrew210227

    Car varies every mode and session

    I run 100% everything as well and haven't found this to be an issue at all. Everything matches up pretty perfectly. Are we sure this isn't somehow connected to AI sim times which vary greatly to actual on track pace by the AI?
  3. Andrew210227

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    Can confirm safety car does come out for extreme weather. But for retirements it won’t, unless you use a flashback right after.
  4. Andrew210227

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    USA is tricky but not too bad. Over 1 lap it was OK but full race distance I couldn’t quite keep up on my regular difficulty. Close to a second too slow. May have something to do with it being my least favorite track though and I lost interest soon and crashed out. Based on full wet only by the way.
  5. Andrew210227

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I have the feeling that Russell has jumped Ocon in the pecking order. Wolff has already openly discussed the possibility of releasing Ocon from his Mercedes deal in order to allow him to pursue other opportunities. I still think he'll take Hülkenberg's seat for next year, though I think he'd be a great fit as a lead driver for Haas.
  6. Andrew210227

    Post Qualifying Engine Penalty Bug [R2]

    It's a known bug, adding components between qualy and race will notify you of a penalty but not enforce it.
  7. Andrew210227

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    For the chicane, drive on the left side and make the braking zone as straight as possible. They do this in real life too, as there's a bump close to the guardrail on the right side. It helps stabilize the car for turn-in.
  8. Andrew210227

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    It's either after France, Hungary or Russia. Basically after you have the contract negotiation.
  9. Andrew210227

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    Have you had more than one midseason transfer in a season?
  10. Andrew210227

    10 Place Grid Penalty for a new gear box

    It's a known bug, many have reported it already and CM is aware of it. If you add any component AFTER qualifying you'll not be penalized in the race.
  11. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Thanks, that's great stuff. To be honest I've been feeling like they haven't updated the driver rating/stat at all this year, apart from the new guys. Last year I tried a lot of the same stuff you just explained (starting careers with multiple team on the same difficulty to get a feel about how good the AI drivers were individually), and I thought for instance that Hülkenberg was really solid whereas the Red Bull guys were a bit weak (Ricciardo marginally quicker than Verstappen). This year, Hulk is about 1-2 tenths quicker than Ricciardo in the same car. After Perez subbed into Renault for Ricciardo in my career, he immediately starting beating Hulk by 1-2 tenths. So yeah, Perez is still quite OP. If they indeed didn't change those ratings from 2018 that should mean Perez is about half a second quicker than Verstappen if they didn't update Max either. Which could cause some issues with transfers being a thing this season. I didn't notice Vettel and Raikkonen to be quicker than Hamilton last year, though, but that might be down to my driving. Given Alonso's retirement, that's why I just assumed Hamilton to be quickest this year.
  12. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Really? That's... interesting. I did do a career starting with Sauber last year and found Leclerc incredibly strong, so it does make sense. Last year I had the feeling Alonso was the strongest driver in the game as a teammate. Did he have particularly high stats as well?
  13. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Man I wish I could. Sometimes I get solid starts, sometimes bad. Still haven't quite figured it out. Just keep the revs in the optimum window and be subtle on the throttle in the lower gears.
  14. Andrew210227

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    I can't speak for 2019, but last year I finally made the switch from traction control 'medium' to 'off' and after a few days I found I was definitely quicker without TC (not much but enough to have to up the difficulty a point or two). Brake assist and racing line definitely make you slower (assuming you're good at the game) I think the only assist that theoretically should make you quicker is ABS, right?
  15. Andrew210227

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    I haven't seen enough to say some will move more than others (I don't think that's the case), but I think that it does have something to do with performance. I've seen a few too much Ricciardo firings from Renault (incl. my own career) early on for it to be a coincidence. Ricciardo is (was?) lower rated than Hülkenberg and was therefore almost always outqualified by him.
  16. Andrew210227

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    When you start your career, Butler will always go to the team rated right above yours in the performance chart, and Weber to the one right below. After this, they are basically the same as everyone else, and can transfer to any team during one of the transfer periods (either during the 4 contract negotiations mid-season or during the offseason. I don't think that when you transfer they automatically move to a similar rated team. I also think (but may be wrong?) that you can only get 1 midseason transfer. Unless you yourself transfer during one of the contract negotiations which may prompt the game to move around some drivers to replace you. My first season midseason transfer happened before Suzuka: Perez to Renault. Ricciardo has been let go. Giovinazzi to Racing Point to replace Perez. (Gio was the driver I replaced to start my career at Alfa, so he 'returned' to F1).
  17. Andrew210227

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Exactly this, and you should also factor in the lack of crossplay, which cuts the amount of players who can compete in a 'cockpit only' ranked game even more. The player base for this is just too low.
  18. Andrew210227

    AI Qualify pace vs Race pace

    Good call. As I mentioned before I haven't had this issue at all and run 100% race distance exclusively offline, including full qualifying with manual out/inlaps (I don't want any sim/ffw times). It's really weird that they still scale tyre wear during qualy for shorter races. In F1 2017 & 2018, I did notice that on 100% distance, the AI were really slow in the opening stint, solid in the middle part and OP towards the end. Was quite annoying, but this year that actually seems to have disappeared completely.
  19. Have you tried Bahrain or Paul Ricard?
  20. Andrew210227

    10 Place Grid Penalty for a new gear box

    Nope. That's just for engine components. Gearbox is 5 places for each replacement, including the first.
  21. Andrew210227

    Lighting Volt Haas F1 Team

    Apparently, there's yet ANOTHER energy drinks company called Volt, which may be the next issue
  22. Andrew210227

    The rpm lights are too quick on 2019 cars

    That's how the blue lights work in real life.
  23. Andrew210227

    Lighting Volt Haas F1 Team

    Yeah, the stor(e)y keeps getting crazier with each day. It looks like it's a name change only for legal reasons, they're trying to wiggle their way out of some prior commitments before effectively dissolving the company and selling its parts. By the way, that ad is for a different company, but it would be amazing if it was real
  24. Andrew210227

    AI Qualify pace vs Race pace

    Still on patch 1.04, haven’t really found this to be the case. Seems pretty well balanced to me.
  25. Andrew210227

    Race seat + Setup help

    You could check out a wheelstand pro or something similar to it. Pull up any chair to it and you’ve got a decent setup for your wheel. Easy to move around and you can even fold it up when not using it.