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    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Not exactly, I don't think there's an exact value to it (logically, it will vary from track to track). But I do know from experience the difference is higher once you get above 100. I'd say you try to raise it a few points and see where you are. Eventually you'll find a good base value.
  2. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Yeah it should be something like that, I think it starts escalating above 100 to about 0.2-0.25 for each step.
  3. Andrew210227

    F1 2020 Holland edition

    Also, the Dutch F1 commentators are really annoying.
  4. Andrew210227

    Dirty Air

    In real life, you may lose more than 50% of downforce, so not quite realistic... But the general concept is implemented in the game.
  5. If you did 20 runs yourself of one lap qualifying, you're still getting simulated times for the AI right? Am I missing something here?
  6. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Yeah I just threw a number out there 😀 May I ask why you’re playing Championship and not career though? Lando will automatically be your teammate if you sign with McLaren.
  7. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Looking at your qualy? Add 5 points minimum to difficulty. Again, only if you want the most equal performance of Lando vs you. Which may not be fun, as there's no development in championship and you'll likely struggle for points almost everywhere.
  8. Andrew210227

    Patch 1.05 and AI performance

    Chances are your difficulty is a bit too low. Lando's AI is actually quite solid in this game (slightly better than Sainz's). Remember that on patch 1.04 McLaren is terrible, and barely can keep the STR's and Williams' behind them. Given that you finished 8th on a power track like Bahrain leads me to believe you probably need to up the difficulty by a few points.
  9. One shot qualifying uses simulated times, so your trial is likely pointless given the discrepancy between simmed and actual AI times. I'm sure there's still some difference between real times and F1 2019, but why do you care so much about times being exactly accurate? Isn't it much more about getting the 'feel' right?
  10. Andrew210227

    Dirty Air

  11. Andrew210227

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    If you truly did 100 runs in qualifying, I'm assuming you used simulated time as otherwise you'd have been busy for days... Which complicates matters given the whole 'sim times do not match up with actual on track times by the AI' issue that persists in this game.
  12. Andrew210227

    Can you turn off driver transfers in career?

    I actually think they did OK with the driver transfers for a first time using this game mechanic. You see this happen all the time when an annual sports game implements a completely new feature (particularly a mechanic they haven't used before): it seems to be turned up to 100 with little balancing. It's far from ideal, I think everybody would agree on that, but surely something they can build on for future installments.
  13. Andrew210227

    Problème, Bug.

    That's the game. The performances change, and it's totally possible to have Toro Rosso or whatever be the best team after a while and Mercedes the worst. The changes are usually biggest between seasons due to the regulation changes that happen.
  14. Andrew210227

    AI not fighting each other

    I havent found this at all. The lead guy in the pack is constantly under attack on most tracks (on patch 1.04)
  15. Andrew210227

    New Driver

    You can indeed start multiple careers, but you can't do it with different driver details (name/country/avatar/helmet etc) like last year. Reason is you don't create a driver for each career, you now use exclusively the driver you created in multiplayer. You can change the driver details in the multiplayer screen, of course, but you'd have to do this manually each time you want to change it based on the career save file you're playing. Which is doable but a bit of a chore.
  16. Andrew210227

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    Well, this is from Tiametmarduk's career qualifying in Abu Dhabi season 1 so...
  17. Andrew210227

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    If this is in response to the 'Copse' remarks, it might be worth noting it has been flat out in qualy ever since the 2017 regulation changes.
  18. Andrew210227

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I had it too for the first 6 races it was perfect, only had a wet last 15 laps or so at China, other than that fully dry in every qualy/race. Since then the floodgates have quite literally opened... So that balance might shift very quickly.
  19. Andrew210227

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    By checking some of youtube's most prominent guys, I thought this was the case as well. But playing it myself, I invested by far the most upgrades in the aero department (probably 2x as much as chassis and 3x as much as in engine), and I got a reliability and chassis reset. So it doesn't appear to be the case that you'll always get your most invested department reset.
  20. Andrew210227

    Sim Racing = Cockpit View

    Posted two minutes after saying below in another thread 😂
  21. Andrew210227

    Power Unit Penalty System

    OK. I meant I have seen some people exploit the system by ordering new components before ever installing and using the old ones.
  22. Andrew210227

    End off season R&D lost

    Did you guys get a message that the upgrade had been succesful or no message at all? Thanks for the warning, anyway.
  23. Andrew210227

    1.05 is some kind of misunderstanding

    In Qualy? Yes it is.
  24. Andrew210227

    Power Unit Penalty System

    Did you already use all components in the first 5 races then? If not, you’re kind of cheating the game’s system as in real life you cant install a 4th component if you havent used 1 through 3 yet.
  25. Andrew210227

    Power Unit Penalty System

    Added note: the part in the official regulation saying you can only use the last fitted extra part without penalty does not apply to the game. If you for instance order a 4th ICE, you can still use 1 2 and 3 without further penalties.