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  1. Andrew210227

    Power Unit Penalty System

    Every additional piece (beyond the 2 or 3 parts that are allowed to switch without penalty) has a penalty attached to it. 10 places for the first extra part of every component and 5 for every additional part after that. Strongly suggest to just order and fit an extra part of everything (incl gearbox!) at one event (tip: do it at a place like Spa or Monza where overtaking is easy) and just start at the back (make sure you dont run in Q2 if you use full qualifying so that you will have free choice of tyres at the start of the race)
  2. Andrew210227

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    Agreed. By the way, Im still at the US GP, so this list might get longer. Fully expecting heavy rain at Abu Dhabi at this point.
  3. Andrew210227

    AI not fighting each other

    Which is awesome because it makes you think about how you’re going to overtake instead of just driving by everyone.
  4. Andrew210227

    1.05 AI is a joke

    There were notes that AI blocking behaviour would be improved.
  5. Andrew210227

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    China was the only with some rain at the end among the first 6 GPs. since then Ive had at least some, and sometimes full rain at: Canada France Austria Britain Germany Hungary Italy (qualy only) Russia Japan USA
  6. Not entirely untrue, but the same could be said of the player.
  7. Andrew210227

    1.05 AI is a joke

    Still some conflicting reports, but Thanks to everyone for the update on AI behaviour. Ive disconnected from internet for the moment to make sure I stay on 1.04 for now until I actually see some more footage/feedback from other players. AI behaviour was the best feature in the game IMO.
  8. Perez was always too fast; I don’t believe they’ve update last years driver ratings at all yet.
  9. Andrew210227

    AI not fighting each other

    AI had a ton of wheel to wheel battles just yesterday in Mexico in my career. Vettel couldn’t get loose from the midfield due to the large DRS zone and was constantly attacked by Alfa’s (at first I was a few seconds behind watching it all but eventually joined in), Haas & Racing points. I don’t think a lap went by where the order was the same and the AI didn’t go side by side through the first 3 corners. I haven’t really had the ‘train’ issue at all so far.
  10. Andrew210227

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    It doesnt always work, but the only 2 SCs Ive had happened as follows: both times a car dropped out of the race with a mechanical issue right in front of me. I immediately went into replay and used a flashback a few seconds before the failure happened. The retirements are predetermined so the failure happened again of course. SC was out right after. I have no idea why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.
  11. Andrew210227

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    Not in career.
  12. Andrew210227

    F2 and Devon Butler in F1 2019

    Yes the interactions with Butler and Weber stops.
  13. Andrew210227

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Do they still try to actively block your overtakes on straights? This was my favorite feature. They'd always leave just enough of a gap inside, giving you the choice to back off or take a heavily comprised line into the braking zone & next turn. I loved the AI before, and while I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as some are suggesting here on 1.05, I'm probably going to hold off on installing the patch for a few days until I know more. Still have three races to go in S1 of career mode anyway. Any info is much appreciated.
  14. Andrew210227

    Make F1 2011 Backward compatible for XB1 and PS4

    They could cut the classic cars and implement all cars from one season (f.i. 2010), and allow us to run a full 2010 season in the current game. I'd much prefer this over the current classic cars.
  15. Andrew210227

    Make F1 2011 Backward compatible for XB1 and PS4

    PS4 doesn't have backward compatibility. I think PS Now has some F1 games available though (but the lag is usually terrible for this service).
  16. Andrew210227

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    Ah OK. I didn't know that, thought it was always at Singapore last year. I probably just got lucky having it at the same race each time.
  17. Looks like they upgraded the performance of the choppers as well. That looks incredibly weird
  18. Andrew210227

    Weber is too OP?!?!

    if you dislike the driver transfers so much then why are you transferring yourself mid-season? You know this only triggers more AI transfers, right?
  19. Andrew210227

    1.05 live on Playstation

    Any chance you could check whether driver performances are changed as well? As in... is Hulkenberg still generally a tenth or two quicker than Ricciardo, Perez being OP etc.?
  20. Andrew210227

    Team performance order after patch

    I Think Alfa should be ahead of Racing Point in that order.
  21. Andrew210227

    Automatic shift problem

    Maybe your gearbox is worn (>70%) and you're missing a gear?
  22. Andrew210227

    Regulation change for next year R&Ds

    Yeah the regulation change announcement seems to happen at different points throughout the season now. I had mine announced either before or after Singapore (don't remember exactly; chassis and reliability reset). I've seen Youtube's of others having them at different races as well.
  23. Andrew210227

    Weber is too OP?!?!

    Yes both Weber and Butler seem to be incredibly strong, Weber in particular. All AI drivers have their own base skill level, and there are several real drivers that are also incredibly OP compared to real-life, main example being Sergio Perez. I don't know whether patch 1.05 fixes this (I'm assuming it doesn't) but it can really create some issues later on in your career when driver transfers take place.
  24. Andrew210227

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I'm fairly certain Bono Huis was the only one to use a (modified) cockpit cam last year.
  25. Andrew210227

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    Yeah 60% wear in one race is quite amazing. Do you have similar issues with your PU components or gearbox only?