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  1. 3 minutes ago, trotamundos84 said:

    Do you know after what race the "there are rumors about a rule change" comes, and after what race the "there will be rule change" email?  so that i know whrether to spend or save the points

    It varies. I had the rumor email after Belgium with definitive change by Singapore. I think the latest is immediately before or after Japan, but Im not entirely sure of that.

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  2. Few notes:

    - you can retry the practice programme after you fail it. Hit pause and select retry practice programme.

    - if you don’t want to do the above, (because it kind of takes the realism/pressure out of the thing) you can do each programme multiple times. If you fail the first time and go back to pitlane, just try again with a new set of tyres.

    - reputation and rookie/veteran doesn’t really matter that much. You can always find another drive with any team you want to be with.

    - I don’t know any other racing game that has a full manual save system in the way you want it.

    - if a session ends you will always be thrown to the results screen before you have to manually advance to the desk/paddock area. In this results screen you can choose to restart the session before anything is autosaved.

  3. 1 hour ago, SirSilverLXVIII said:

    I dont know if this an issue with 1.09 but after doing a mid save full race with classic cars at Interlagos upon booting up my one x and loading the game it gets as far as the hamilton and vettel screen and as soon as i hit start it crashes and throws me back to the dasboard.

    Ive deleted my save and synced online but still it crashes so i suspect it might be a corrupt save or an issue with 1.09.

    As i suspected the culprit was a corrupt save, thankfully i was only on my first f2 career race.

    Yeah, always take care when using the midsession save when a patch is coming up. It messes with the save data.

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  4. The save system is pretty clear. It autosaves when you load from the desk area into a session and vice versa. It also autosaves when you exit career mode to the main menu.

    The game doesn't automatically advance after crashing out of a session. You'll have to manually advance past the results screen. Also, re-starting your entire career because of a crash in FP1 in Abu Dhabi is just silly.

    It's not a perfect system, I don't disagree with you there. I feel like we've all been burned by it at least once, but it's also not rocket science.

  5. 11 hours ago, Zachrulez said:

    How exactly do you get the 5000 points? I switched to Hass after the end of season 1 and got no points. Does it have to be a mid season transfer?

    I received 5000 points when switching after season 1 was completed. Didn't matter which team I went to.

  6. 1 minute ago, UP100 said:

    I'd always rather have an impossible AI level that no one can beat that the game won't get boring because of the AI not being a challenge at all 🙂 Sure it may feel a bit embarrassing to have to drop the difficulty level when the AI gets better, but I think that's better than having the slow AI of 2010-2014 or something.

    Yes, this. Before you know it CM will listen to people who’ve had their feelings hurt because they had to tone done the AI level, start patching it and everyone currently playing above 100 will be too quick on 110 all of a sudden.

  7. 45 minutes ago, 1henryw said:

    Of course they rush! Every year the game is released with new features that dont work properly until the next release. The games are always released broken and buggy and scream lack of testing. You can tell a game has been rushed to launch when there is a patch on the very first day followed by several more patches in the coming weeks. 

    Yes, but it’s especially clear this year with the cars still having 2018 performance on launch day. It also creates pressure to rush out patches which have arguably created more issues than they’ve solved.

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  8. 28 minutes ago, LukeShaw777 said:

    Are all these driver transfers happening from Doing the f2 series ???

    I skipped it and havent had any yet and im up to canada....

    It has nothing to do with it. The transfers happen during one of the negotiation periods, so  look for it to happen either before Austria, Belgium or Japan.

  9. On 8/4/2019 at 9:47 AM, peanutt2000 said:

    Hope he’s still got crazy AI I’m looking forward to the fight against him.

    He has quite low AI (lower than Hülkenberg). It seems unchanged from last year, when he was also not great.

  10. 1 hour ago, Worntoathread said:

    Hi @Faya

    After doing multiple career weekends since the patch, I've noticed that with 1.07 the frame rate has improved during practice and qualifying but it's still very very bad in races. (even compared to other game modes).

    This was consistent for different tracks. At times, it got so bad during the races I had to stop playing. I haven't tried to turn off UDP telemetry (which seemed to fix the issue during practice sessions before the patch). 

    A couple of things seem to worsen the issue; AI making pit stops and the safety car seem to reduce the frame rate to an unplayable state. This is on top of the already constantly reduced frame rate, it's just these things make it even worse.

    I hope you can find something to improve this, career was nowhere near as bad before the 1.06 patch and the problem doesn't appear to be there at all in GP/championship mode.

    @Andrew210227 and others, are you experiencing the same with 1.07? 

    Hey @Worntoathread, thanks for your consistent contributions in getting these issues sorted. Honestly, I haven't even touched the game for two weeks (1.07 isn't even downloaded yet). I was thinking of getting into it again this weekend, I'll post my findings then.

  11. 9 hours ago, RicardoRodri244 said:

    No. of course not. where did you get that idea ?

    i don't like to see unrealistic performances such as 1:17 on Monza at 95 AI , imagine at 110... or in a straight get passed by a slower car , things like this ant others I pointed out

    that make no sense.

    i see a lot of players complaining the same


    So drop the difficulty to something you’re comfortable with. Stop complaining about AI being OP, they’re not. Most others I’ve seen here had to drop difficulty by about 5 points compared to 2018. Nothing wrong with that.

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  12. 49 minutes ago, rocojuanclarkus said:

    Why did CM up the AI wet weather skills in patch 1.05 in the first place? 

    I can't remember seeing an outcry of racers on here about AI in the wet. 

    It's almost unplayable at the moment... its needs to be fixed ASAP @Faya


    Because the AI were incredibly slow. Now they’re a bit too fast.

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  13. 13 minutes ago, blokeyface said:

    I understand that. But with a fully maxed out car, even a terrible teammate should get some points during a season. This is not the case.

    Well, that not necessarily true. Three important things to consider:

    1) the gap between your team and everyone else in the performance chart (if they're close then driver AI skill may make a big difference on actual results)

    2) the performance chart is not a perfect representation of car performance (it values chassis/aero/engine exactly the same when in reality some are more impactful than others)

    3) qualifying sim times: this may cause Stroll to drop back on the grid which makes scores points more difficult of course.

    Having said that, I just remembered Stroll actually isn't that bad in the game vs real life (it only seems like that since Perez is so OP), so he should really score some points.

    An interesting point would be if you could indicate whether your on track lap time difference has increased between yourself and Stroll throughout your career. If so, it's more likely that you just got better at the game and need to increase difficulty.

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  14. What are the exact effects I can hope to obtain by opening the diffs? --> It'll give you more gradual traction out of the corner, and a better turn in entering. It's also much easier on the tyres. You'll have to feather the throttle a bit more. In F1 2019; I have both values at between 55-70 for nearly every track.

    What would inverting rear and front bars exactly do? --> going with a higher value on the rear will give you a sharper turn in. I've found that this slider works fairly similarly to the ballast we used to have. In past games I would always go with a slightly higher value front, but in F1 2019 I've reversed it for most tracks and the response of the car is just better (Suzuka being the best example). Be careful though, you can easily overdo it and make it really unstable.

    Same for tyre pressures, what is the desired effect by lowering that here? --> lower rear tyre pressures will give you better traction and generally better tyre temps. Traction wise this compensates the loss of outright traction created by the lower diff setting a bit.

  15. 17 hours ago, blokeyface said:

    Hello, is anybody else's teammate getting their upgrades? I've currently done 5 seasons with Alfa Romeo and 4 of those seasons have had Lance Stroll as my partner, now I understand he is rubbish in the F1 games, but I have a fully upgraded car and he he barely makes it past P19 every race, is something wrong?

    Its because Stroll’s AI is really slow. Teammates relative pace to you should remain the same.

  16. Formula 1 for the original PlayStation. I had bought a football game that disappointed me and exchanged it for Formula 1, I don't really remember why as I wasn't an F1 fan at the time. This game turned me into one, though.