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  1. I get the feeling D2 is a very underrated game, when actually it is one of 3 games that really matter:GAS/G1/D2. Best Codies games of the last 10years
  2. Flowa23

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Please do make last track racing circuit.
  3. @ last breath - Better old gfx proven tracks then some new ones made by the new team... And BTW, number of tracks is much more important then gfx.
  4. Flowa23

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Some minor stuff - skirmish needs a map, when there is few PPL on, it takes time to find anybody ontrack - the banner above cars - why not make players name bigger fonts So you could actually read them- it would be a nice option to see where everybody is placed on the grid, also add nation flag there at the expense of the smaller banner
  5. Flowa23

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    One big improvement from previous Grid games: 16 players online lobbies - this is great, but lets hope online wont be deserted in few weeks/months. From watching MP videos, there is few things that i wish you would improve: - add custom lobbies - only qiuck match option is bad choice, i wish we had option to join different public playing lists divided by car class like it is in GAS, or Even better like separate Tc, GT, muscle, touge, etc lists. - add text chat obviously - add spectate in lobby - option to remove AI - remove enemy system from impacting Real online players (it should be single Player feature only) - i could clearly see PPL online getting "enemy" tag after Little touch. in future full (i hope) lobbies this will only motivate some PPL to ram eachother. - whats up with the permament mirror no matter what camera view we use? - havent see it in options if we can enable it. If not please add it. You added it in GAS post release after community backslsh, lets not copy that error 🙂 - add lobby players list before start of the race. Also After the race, the score list of players should be a little smaller so all 16 positions would fit on one screen without the need to scroll it down to see last 3 positions.
  6. Flowa23

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hi Codies. Is there a rearviev mirror for all the camera views? It wasnt in GAS at the begining and You added it after a community backslsh. Im hoping this is not the case here. And is slipstreaming present in the game? I was unable to clearly see it on the videos.
  7. Flowa23

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Grid 1 handling was fine but bit unreal, cars glued to track. GAS handling is a perfect sim arcade mix imo. Switching to grid1 from sim gaming like rfactor was hard, had no Such issues with GAS.