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  1. Flowa23

    Barcelona Returns

    Players favourite track? Where did you get that info from. What about Spa or Jarama?
  2. Flowa23

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Grid 1 handling was fine but bit unreal, cars glued to track. GAS handling is a perfect sim arcade mix imo. Switching to grid1 from sim gaming like rfactor was hard, had no Such issues with GAS.
  3. Flowa23

    What i want to see in GRID !

    In my opinion, time spent between races is too long and its booooring. Also when you joined the lobby a little bit too late, and the race Just starting youhave mostly between 5 to 10minutes waiting time without any possibilty to spend that time text chatting or spectating. There should be option to chat with the whole lobby and to spectate PPL during that waiting time. At the moment since grid2 and GAS times game does not care about PPL who wait in lobbies which sucks. Since we are able to communicate only thru steam chat we can only talk to chosen Group of PPL. And VoIP chat is not for everybody. Codies bring text chat ingame back! Disclaimer. I know they wont do that, as im pretty sure new grid is just an axed version of gas (jugding by the locations count). Still There is a little hope i will be mistaken.
  4. Flowa23

    Class is in session

    Touring cars. Best for close door2door Racing. Shame its probably going to be few cars in a class. Wish the choince was bigger.
  5. Flowa23

    What i want to see in GRID !

    Yes. Let us spectate after joining the lobby while waiting for the race to finish. Actually Spectate Mode in a present state (grid2 and gas style) is mostly point less. Who needs it when you can only use it when you start and abort the race. Et us spactate PPL when we are not taki g part in a race becouse we Just entered the lobby.
  6. Flowa23

    What i want to see in GRID !

    Let US join the lobby and text "hi all" grid 2008 style!
  7. Flowa23

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Since it is supposed to be real Grid1 remake then i wish it had 2 things that made the original game So enjoyable. Shame Such a Great game as GAS lacks it i think its high time to repair it. 1. Bring Text chat back, simple small interface one (grid1 like, not that dirt3 like with big letters, after few sentences all conversation was scrolled behind screen and context was easily lost, it didnt help) . Most of us dont use VoIP, for various reasons. Specially in public lobbies. But Text chat is a great tool that keeps community closer. Also Let us text right after joining the race lobby, it woudl make waiting for next race enjoyable. 2.same Goes for spectating. Let us spectate right after joining the lobby, and not only after you started the race. This Way the waiting for the race woudl be bearable. What has always kept getting on my nerves was looking for lobbies and then after joining waiting for Just started race to finish. I always wiished i cud spectate the race killing time or Text "hi all" grid 2008 style 🙂