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  1. Flowa23

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    What the heck u talking about....
  2. Flowa23

    Codemasters acquires Slightly Mad Studios

    Wow. I can imagine a new game right now.... A pc3/gas2 mix with ego engine. Pc2 content with GAS-ish handling and net code. Nice! Aaaand then I woke up......
  3. Flowa23

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    So what's the point of having bots filling the spots then, Leo? If you're not racing them anyway...
  4. Flowa23

    AMG Racing League

    Am I? No idea. Maybe coz of online innactivity?... It has been probably 3 years since I played gas for long period of time... Anyway, good luck with the league. I'm a fan:)
  5. Flowa23

    AMG Racing League

    I'm Flowaangelz. I took part in not many races but was it was great fun. I always asked you for a free spot, Hehe
  6. Flowa23

    AMG Racing League

    Hi Nort, sir. I will definetely join the league when I own the game. Nebula racing on GAS was by fair the best fun I had in that game. i actually shudnt advertise NBL, coz it's going to be hard to find free spot there later 🙂
  7. Flowa23

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Some minor stuff - skirmish needs a map, when there is few PPL on, it takes time to find anybody ontrack - the banner above cars - why not make players name bigger fonts So you could actually read them- it would be a nice option to see where everybody is placed on the grid, also add nation flag there at the expense of the smaller banner
  8. Flowa23

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    One big improvement from previous Grid games: 16 players online lobbies - this is great, but lets hope online wont be deserted in few weeks/months. From watching MP videos, there is few things that i wish you would improve: - add custom lobbies - only qiuck match option is bad choice, i wish we had option to join different public playing lists divided by car class like it is in GAS, or Even better like separate Tc, GT, muscle, touge, etc lists. - add text chat obviously - add spectate in lobby - option to remove AI - remove enemy system from impacting Real online players (it should be single Player feature only) - i could clearly see PPL online getting "enemy" tag after Little touch. in future full (i hope) lobbies this will only motivate some PPL to ram eachother. - whats up with the permament mirror no matter what camera view we use? - havent see it in options if we can enable it. If not please add it. You added it in GAS post release after community backslsh, lets not copy that error 🙂 - add lobby players list before start of the race. Also After the race, the score list of players should be a little smaller so all 16 positions would fit on one screen without the need to scroll it down to see last 3 positions.
  9. Flowa23

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Why do youv guys compare unfinished product with ready games? Probably YouTube movies are made based on some old builds. Wait for the release. In terms of gfx Codies dont usually dissapoint.
  10. Flowa23

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    Ssup Assie! I See You still around after all these years, hehe. I also havent desided yet about buying the game on Day one. Done it since dirt2 but i guess this time ill wait. Simplistic Text chat, fps games style, is what i need. And better spectating Mode of course. Cheers mate, lets hope Codies listen, this time.he
  11. Flowa23

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hi Codies. Is there a rearviev mirror for all the camera views? It wasnt in GAS at the begining and You added it after a community backslsh. Im hoping this is not the case here. And is slipstreaming present in the game? I was unable to clearly see it on the videos.
  12. Flowa23

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    Same here. For an old Gridder since 2008, in game build text chat (not that crappy steam one) and spectating mode available when joining the MP lobby when the race already started, is a deal breaker. GAS was IMO a better game then original GRID, but its lack of those options, and long waiting times between races, was a nail in the coffin. We have actually asked for that since we found out that grid2 is lacking those.
  13. Flowa23

    Barcelona Returns

    Players favourite track? Where did you get that info from. What about Spa or Jarama?
  14. Flowa23

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Grid 1 handling was fine but bit unreal, cars glued to track. GAS handling is a perfect sim arcade mix imo. Switching to grid1 from sim gaming like rfactor was hard, had no Such issues with GAS.
  15. Flowa23

    What i want to see in GRID !

    In my opinion, time spent between races is too long and its booooring. Also when you joined the lobby a little bit too late, and the race Just starting youhave mostly between 5 to 10minutes waiting time without any possibilty to spend that time text chatting or spectating. There should be option to chat with the whole lobby and to spectate PPL during that waiting time. At the moment since grid2 and GAS times game does not care about PPL who wait in lobbies which sucks. Since we are able to communicate only thru steam chat we can only talk to chosen Group of PPL. And VoIP chat is not for everybody. Codies bring text chat ingame back! Disclaimer. I know they wont do that, as im pretty sure new grid is just an axed version of gas (jugding by the locations count). Still There is a little hope i will be mistaken.