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  1. @ last breath - Better old gfx proven tracks then some new ones made by the new team... And BTW, number of tracks is much more important then gfx.
  2. Some minor stuff - skirmish needs a map, when there is few PPL on, it takes time to find anybody ontrack - the banner above cars - why not make players name bigger fonts So you could actually read them- it would be a nice option to see where everybody is placed on the grid, also add nation flag there at the expense of the smaller banner
  3. One big improvement from previous Grid games: 16 players online lobbies - this is great, but lets hope online wont be deserted in few weeks/months. From watching MP videos, there is few things that i wish you would improve: - add custom lobbies - only qiuck match option is bad choice, i wish we had option to join different public playing lists divided by car class like it is in GAS, or Even better like separate Tc, GT, muscle, touge, etc lists. - add text chat obviously - add spectate in lobby - option to remove AI - remove enemy system from impactin
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