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  1. @UP100 In that case no ‘hype’ has been done at all. If it’s already in F1 2018 they may have just fine tuned the damage etc for this year
  2. Really isn’t that deep mate. If it’s in the game it is, if it isn’t then as I said oh well. It’s a game at the end of the day. Not the be all and end all
  3. Not trying to hype anything you muppet. Simply discussing something that seems quite possible and if it doesn’t happen then oh well. Too many people on these threads are so pessimistic, I’ve come to realise that after only being on here for a couple of days 😂
  4. Hope not. They’d have missed a trick if so. Including it in the game but not including it in the game if you get what I mean...
  5. Codemasters tweeted the new global TV advert for F1 2019 about an hour ago. If you skip to the 0.10/0.11 seconds mark you can see one of the F2 cars appear to make contact with another from behind kicking up a mass amount of carbon fibre/body work fragmentation into the air. Looks like we could be seeing some spectacular crashes this year
  6. etgsciroccor

    Dividing assists from No assists

    Agreed. I’ve always put in quicker lap times with no assists than I have with assists. As you say without TC the power is far less restrictive as you squirt it out the corners
  7. Good question! I forgot the PS4 DualShock even had the motion control feature and haven’t used it on any game this generation. Last time I used it was on the PS3 DualShock. I hope they do add this functionality in now you mention it... Would give us players who don’t use wheels/pedals another way to enjoy the game with the controller
  8. etgsciroccor

    Commentary in F1 2019

    As I said . I’m not saying the commentary should be constant throughout the race so your bombarded with information from the commentators and the engineer.. But so there’s a happy medium of both. You might go 5 laps before Crofty updates you on what’s happening in the race and then 10 laps later the engineer may update you on the fact your tyres are starting to wear. Maybe they’d enable you to choose whether or not you want your engineer to relay you all the information if you’re the sim type and if you want the more cinematic TV style then you can opt to have the commentary team instead.
  9. etgsciroccor

    Commentary in F1 2019

    If that ‘scared’ you, you ain’t seen much fella 🤣 Admittedly that was annoying but they’d obviously have to do it in a way that is both more realistic in how it’s captured/recorded
  10. etgsciroccor

    Commentary in F1 2019

    Fair enough, each to their own 👍🏻 I’m just a casual player so for me would complete the experience. Understand if your a ‘racing sim’ kind of player and want to pretend you’re actually sat in the car 😂 Maybe something that could be toggled on off via the audio settings.
  11. etgsciroccor

    Commentary in F1 2019

    Hi all. New to this forum so I hope I’ve done this all correctly 😂 Excited for F1 2019, the game looks great. One thing that I’ve been thinking about is commentary in F1 games. Now I know we have the cut scene voice overs from Crofty and Anthony Davidson, but Would anyone welcome the implementation of commentary as you race ? The commentary is a big part of watching the real life F1 races, as is the commentary in other sports such as football which highlights how boring say for instance FIFA games would be without the commentary during game. Now I’m not saying commentary should be added where the commentators are talking over the sound of the car etc for the whole race, but more of a commentary system similar to F1 Championship Edition. Even if Crofty updated us every five laps on the race standings ‘So we’re 5 laps into the Grand Prix , Hamilton leads....’ or Martin Brundle says who’s battling who out on track etc etc. Something so simple but would give the race some real atmosphere and each race would have its own unique story told