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  1. etgsciroccor

    GRID - Now launching October 11

    Exactly this. If this means more cars and tracks included from launch due to this delay, then so be it. Having played Project Cars 2 earlier this week I’d also love to see a similar dynamic weather system implemented in the new Grid. Such as day to night cycles for a LeMans themed race mode and wet races/ tracks that dry out as the race goes on and the weather improves etc.
  2. etgsciroccor

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    Amen. People need to start realising the work that goes into these sort of projects. These people are the same ones who believe Rome was built in a day !
  3. etgsciroccor

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    The best part about this is that you’re criticising a game you haven’t even played yet! A game that hasn’t even been released yet in fact. We all want the game to be the ‘ultimate’ F1 game but some of us have the patience and respect the fact that it’s a process as stuff falls into place each year..not something that happens immediately. This is why people tell people like yourself to skip 1,2,3 games because then you’ll see an immediate difference from one game to the next rather than having to see the game grow in smaller increments yearly.
  4. etgsciroccor

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    Exactly the point I was making on the first page of this thread! Same people moaning about driver transfers not being a thing are now moaning its still not good enough despite the news it’s been implemented into F1 2019. These people will never be content no matter what you do!😂
  5. etgsciroccor

    MotorworldHype Lee Mather Question Thread

    For the more casual players who prefer to play with friends, will we be able to do an online co-op championship using the official teams and drivers that we can then save and come back to between races? Leading on from this if there’s just 2 user controlled cars can the rest of the grid be filled by AI?
  6. etgsciroccor

    Career images

    Spot on! As you say this is a racing game, too many people on here treating it like an F1 driver life simulator that has to be 1:1 accurate to real life. Next people will be asking for control of the driver going for a s**t before the race!
  7. etgsciroccor

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

  8. etgsciroccor

    F1 2019 career - nothing new

    People moaning about this game need to give it a rest. Some people will always find something to pick at no matter if something was absolutely flawless. The game is released yearly and improved on year by year, if you want to see drastic changes maybe skip every other game - no one is forcing you to buy it. The game is again another step up in the right direction and slowly everything is all coming together ready for an experience that is ‘the complete package’ come next gen. Yes the career might not be drastically changed from 2018, but the inclusion of the storyline and the F2 feeder series eases the game in the right direction once again. Multiplayer looks as if it’s been completely overhauled and it’s made me look forward to this aspect of the game, when normally I’ve solely just indulged in single player modes. Again graphics look considerably better and you only have to look at Bahrain/Singapore gameplay to see what an improvement it is. I agree with the next person the sounds of the cars could still be improved so they sound like they’re revving much harder and the inclusion of the official hud would also be welcome.. However look at FIFA for instance the career mode/online etc has been the same for years now with very little changes. At least Codies have made big enough changes so it does feel fresh from year to year
  9. etgsciroccor

    Class is in session

    Really looking forward to the touring cars after seeing the screenshots of the VW Golf GTI TCR. Being a Scirocco R owner I’d absolutely love to see a Scirocco Cup race car added within this category too!👌🏻A question I’d also like to ask...With both the GT cars and LMP (Prototypes) in the game can we expect to see a LeMans race event like we did in the original grid ?
  10. etgsciroccor

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Looks great. Not keen on how the scoring text for overtake etc comes up slap bang in the middle of the screen above the car when in chase cam... Find it a bit distracting if I’m honest! Would look better in a slightly smaller font aligned just below the lap counter/timer in my opinion!
  11. etgsciroccor

    Time of day/weather settings

    From the videos we have available so far of Grid it’s looking fantastic and giving off real vibes from the original Grid which is great, as it’s my favourite racing game of all time. Can’t beat the ‘rubbing is racing’ style of this game and the online portion of the original Grid is still the most enjoyable racing I’ve experienced. So far we’ve only seen footage of races set at night and true to the original grid races, set at sunset with the ‘yellowy’ hue aspect to the lighting. Can anyone enlighten me if we’ll have the choice of other settings such as setting the race at mid day whilst being cloudy or early morning with rain/a wet track? Also will we be seeing dynamic weather/lighting? The original Grid particularly in the LeMans section of the game, the race transitioned between day, night and back to day time again. Would love to see this back in the new Grid. The inclusion of dynamic weather would be brilliant too...If pit stops are back it could really add to the tactical aspect of racing like in F1, when for instance it comes to making the decision to switch to wet tyres or stay on slicks in relation to a change in the weather.
  12. @UP100 In that case no ‘hype’ has been done at all. If it’s already in F1 2018 they may have just fine tuned the damage etc for this year
  13. Really isn’t that deep mate. If it’s in the game it is, if it isn’t then as I said oh well. It’s a game at the end of the day. Not the be all and end all
  14. Not trying to hype anything you muppet. Simply discussing something that seems quite possible and if it doesn’t happen then oh well. Too many people on these threads are so pessimistic, I’ve come to realise that after only being on here for a couple of days 😂
  15. Hope not. They’d have missed a trick if so. Including it in the game but not including it in the game if you get what I mean...