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  1. raygunX2147

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    hope this helps harrykx250
  2. raygunX2147

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    if you went out for food and it cost £75 quid per person and it wasn't cooked rite would it be ok to wait for them to finish cooking it, I mean its its only the customer its there money sod them after they have paid huh
  3. hi raygun are you on playstation or pc because i found out there partly supported for wheels but barly and ive got a thrustmaster 458 italia wheel on xbox and theres no support for xbox atm it sux im really angry about it every other dirt game has had wheel support even dirt 1 when it came out im pritty angry there's no car setups tuning but you can make your **** driving car look pritty wow

    1. raygunX2147


      Hi Harrykx250 

      I myself am on ps4 pro and also pc and using the logitech G29 wheel and i found this update hope this puts your mind at ease as they have confirmed this is an issue and are working on it 



  4. raygunX2147

    Dirt 5 wheel support

    Hi everyone I've had the same problems as everyone else it seems only thing is I got my wheel to work on the game but there is no feeling/sensation of what the wheels and or car wheel are actually doing FFB seems to be on full constantly even when turned of in settings. So all am wondering is there anyone from codemasters actually going to talk to its customers and come to a resolution or are you going to ignore US..... wating for an answer