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  1. GoldenKid

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    I went to the store through the game menu and didn't see the cars listed. Eventually, I thought to view the Deluxe Content in the store because it's the only one that doesn't say installed. Sure enough, there's a button to install it even though I've installed it already before… Makes total sense. Not. Lol… I was expecting the update to appear under Updates in the Xbox menu, or just install automatically like every other game I have. But I have the cars now and they were worth the trouble. Can't wait for Wales.
  2. GoldenKid

    911 SC RS and Lancia 037 EVO released!

    I'm still not seeing the Lancia 037 or the new Porsche on my Xbox One. Nothing in my garage, nothing for sell, nothing in the Microsoft store, no updates available… Is there anything I can try?
  3. GoldenKid

    This ****ing game :(

    My game crashed whaaaa lol… software is complicated, it happens. Embrace the journey.
  4. GoldenKid

    Elite difficulty is brutal

    Got the Stratos fully upgraded and using GTR Technical's tunes with some occasional tweaks. I feel like I'm flying in that thing, but still 10-15 seconds behind every split. I think I need to keep the car straighter and moving forward more vs sliding around every corner despite how fun it is, especially with RWD. I'm also hitting corners too fast and stalling in the middle, so I need to brake sooner and then accelerate through. Annnnd I need to play more to know the tracks better. So given all of that, it makes sense. I know where I'm losing the time. But still. It's a totally different class, it deserves its own career difficulty. Why do I have to suffer and grind all of sudden to this extent or drive a car that I don't want to drive at the moment? It's a new class. I want the progression from the beginning. I'm not even getting paid anymore! Lol. It seems like separate careers for each class would be welcomed by all and not require too much effort. Just think of the amount of gameplay it would create. The difficulty we've achieved already can be applied to the class that was used most often.
  5. GoldenKid

    Saved tunes not available to load

    Ah, for each surface type. I don't see the reason for that — all saved tunes for a car should be available for that car, period — but that explains why some are missing. Appreciate it.
  6. GoldenKid

    Elite difficulty is brutal

    I made it to Elite in career mode using the Lancia Fulvia and, being new to Dirty Rally, I really enjoyed the progression. But now it's impossible when I jump into another car such as the Lancia Stratos because the AI is posting top 50 world record times while I'm trying to learn RWD. I'm finishing 25th to last and not even getting paid anymore. Yeah, it's a more difficult car, but that's exactly why I need to start from the beginning with it. I want to learn the Stratos while experiencing the same enjoyable progression I had with the Fulvia. I would really love to see that. Each car, or at least for each class, should have their own career difficulty progression. Each car would be ideal. That would create a ton of rewarding gameplay for me.
  7. I expect tunes to be saved with the car regardless of event or location but most of the time the load tunes screen is empty. Where are my tunes? How does this work? Seems broken.
  8. GoldenKid

    Change punctured tires during the stage

    Are you serious, this is in DiRT Rally 2.0 already? Sweet! Thanks guys, I had no idea. I guess I should've tried it! In that case, great game. No problems. Carry on… lol.
  9. Great game. One wish though so far, which I can imagine has been brought up before but I'm new to DiRT and it's kind of a big deal so here it is again. We need an option to change punctured tires as soon as it happens during the stage. They do this in the WRC all the time. Having to slog through the rest of the stage on the wheel when there's a spare in the back makes exactly zero sense. It ruins the whole concept of getting punctures and having spares, which is a shame. As far as implementation, I think it should be exactly how recovering the car works. We should have to come to a complete stop first before seeing a "Change tire" option come up bound to the D-pad. Car is then reset with new tire intact and penalty added to the clock. When there's more punctures than spares, the game should just make the best decision.
  10. To reduce oversteer in general you want more grip in the rear and less in the front: Increase toe-in Raise front ride height Lower rear ride height Stiffen front springs Soften rear springs Soften rear roll bar etc… You'll have to experiment. The most important thing is throttle control. Need to take it easy mid-corner while gradually increasing it as you exit. Don't floor it until the car straightens out more. I use a controller as well and my biggest issue is the trigger deadzone at the pressed end. 100% throttle for me is around 80% trigger pull. It makes throttle control way harder than it would be otherwise. I have throttle deadzone set to 0 in the game, so I believe it's a controller issue and I'm wondering if the elite has the same problem or not.