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  1. thedarkone46

    Is Dirt 2.0 a waste of money?

    Since i bought this game a few months ago bearly has a week gone by without an issue. Most are just bloody annoying but others, like racenet either not working at all for hours or like today there's such a bug that most if not all, by the amount of comments, have had there credits reset and you still can't get onto My team championship and this problem has been going for nearly 12 hours in my case, probably longer in others. It's all well and good begging for mico transactions which is bearly acceptable if the game was working properly but when it isn't, it makes an already annoying situation 10 times worse. Codemaster should either get these bugs fixed once and for all or get a new team in to sort it out properly.
  2. And the next issue begins...

    ...i'm a dirt season owner and have been since i bought this game and all update and addons have been free upto this point, so can someone please tell me why i have to start paying for this latest Estering rally cross update especially as the announcements say "it free to dirt season owners" and is anyone else having this problem.

  3. What happened to the quick fix?
  4. And so it was working for about an hour and now not working again so my point about the career mode seems apt about now.
  5. Ok, you've got it back on now but if nothing else why did you put career and online races together, surely anyone with sense would see that people with put up with obvious offline time as long as they can get to there career mode and time attack doesn't cut it, as custom champ wouldn't show other users as well.
  6. It's 20.13 and it isn't working here, also custom online isn't working showing any other users. You do still have issus.