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  1. Goodmorning!

    I am buying all the dlc of the game .. but it’s sad not to see the WRC 1.600 class as in Dr1 ... I miss the Ford Fiesta Rs Wrc 1.6 (2011) to use (for me the best modern rally car ever) .. Please complete the classes, it would be the best rally-game of history!

    Class WRC 1.6 (2011)

    •Ford Fiesta RS WRC 1.6✈️

    •Hyunday I20 WRC 1.6

    •Citroen DS3 WRC 


    Your affectionate fan

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  2. Friends, I'm not against anyone.
    I'm just saying this because I'm a fan of rallying and gaming. But above all I go to see the rallies live and I know how they work, what machines are there and how everything happens.
    I say this because I would like to find what I see in reality, in the game. Find a lot more rally simulation in games.
    If it were up to me, in addition to the special stages, I would also put the transfer section ... making them become free-roaming gaming rallies.
    Real simulation man

  3. 684/5000

    anyway now that I think about it .. regarding the licenses I don't think they should have problems inserting other cars like the ones I mentioned in the previous post. Otherwise you can't explain why there are R5 cars (in DR2.0) that are part of the WRC2 in the real world championship ... so they didn't have obstacles with them, I don't think the licensing problem is a problem. ..... so that Kylotton risks opening a dispute for this is a risk that should be executed to have a complete game.
    The event is a motor sport discipline, not a dispute on the national border !!!! :classic_biggrin:

    Nice to compare myself with you who know more!


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  4. However it is true I do not understand why a car cannot be reproduced. In the end if you have the license of the manufacturer because the WRC GAME must intervene .. as if the cars were his!
    If Codemasters has an agreement with the manufacturer to reproduce the cars, it must not be legally mentioned!
    We all lose ourselves!


  5. Hello friends!!

    I have an idea for the 3rd season ....or future DLC:

    - Class 1.6 WRC cars (2014) as in the DIRT Rally [FORD Fiesta 1.6 WRC 2014, CITROEN DS3 1.6 WRC 2015, HYUNDAI I20 1.6 WRC NG 2016]

    - R5 class cars [HYUNDAI i20 R5, NEW FORD FIESTA R5 2019]

    - New locations [CORSICA, GREECE, ITALY tarmac... like in CM 2.0!!!,]

    - RX cars [HYUNDAI i20 RX, MINI RX]

    - Ability to create event and earn extra credits

    - New liveries

    - Possibility of changing color and model of the wheels


    ... this game it's so good !!! ....make it become the largest complete rally simulator in the world !!

    Don't stop the seasons!!!


    Best Regards