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  1. Yep, I do believe this to be the case in real life. I don't have a source readily available to me, but I think it has to do with where you run your slip angle can affect the temperature that it runs at. So for a given tire that can run more grip between 6-10 degrees of slip, you can get the same grip at 6-7 degrees as you can at 9-10 degrees, but the latter will wear your tires out much faster. BUT, I need to check my sources when I get a chance Ok! Found the source: so temperatures will increase as you go past peak grip, while still getting the most out of the tire. Not t
  2. Yeah, I like the idea of a limited set of fresh tires. I also think it would be interesting if the developers played around with the degradation curves, so that they aren't just linear. Softs would have the sharpest curves, while medium and hard would respectively have shallower curves. You could even tie wear to degrees of slip (not exactly sure how that is calculated in the physics engine), but I don't think it needs to be too complicated to introduce enough variation to start being an important part of tire selection. You don't even have to calculate it in real time necessarily. That w
  3. I believe this as well, it's my opinion that data needs to support what is happening in-game, not just relying on data points for everything. That said, I will say that my in-game experience, before I even decided to test this, coincides with what I see in the data - tire degradation has a significant impact on the car's abilities and the driver has to compensate for it. I could also go into the delta Ts and speed traces to demonstrate this point as well, but the important thing is writing down impressions of your driving experience FIRST, and then see if the data can clue you in to what is ha
  4. I think it's also kind of silly those complaints, since the livery is on a rally4 car, so it's technically not even the R2 😅. It looks so good on the R5, thank you for making it!
  5. Thank you! Indeed, I'm trying to think of other ways to do it (within the time constraints I have) but I'll just show this graph, which plots soft, medium, and hard tires on the fiesta mk2 on Spain tarmac: https://i.imgur.com/i1woGoI.png So judging off my other graph that looks at soft tire degradation after 50km, driving on softs after that distance is about the equivalent of driving on hard tires. Performance is very noticeably bad in-game. While I have not tested the degen of medium tires, even if degradation was half of soft tires, you would be operating in about the same grip level.
  6. It's a good question, though in my every day DR2.0 driving I always go with 0 front toe and in rare cares do I use any rear toe (damn you, Porsche). To me, I'd rather just change steering sensitivity if I'm being honest. I tell myself this is ok because I consider it like adjusting the steering rate on a rack and pinion steering column so just another way to tune.
  7. (I just realized you guys were talking only about real life tires, oops! In any case, I'm going to leave this up in case anyone interested in the game's simulation of tires. If anything, you can use it to compare real life applications if you want) Ok! Finally got around to doing this post. First thing is, I'll be using RDA and motec to help illustrate what the grip changes look like. I'll be using a G-G diagram, which simply plots long G and lat G on a graph. In other words, it is the friction circle if you are familiar with that concept. TL;DR, any time you try to get out of this c
  8. I've been actually looking at this using data recently and I'll post some of my results (and fancy data!) when I get the chance.
  9. A fun feature I think would be to have basic and advanced pace notes. As we know, the current pace note system is quite basic compared to what you get in WRC. I think there's a place for basic calls, but having advanced calls would be a great addition to those who would like more details in their pace notes. Plus, I want to learn what modern rally drivers use these days!
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