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  1. I am confused as to why my performance is worse when I enable XMP on my memory. If I leave it at stock I am getting 23 fps more It is looking like it is just Dirt 2.0 that does not like xmp with the maximus hero xi and the i9 because I took the memory out and put it into an older system of mine which is using a MAXIMUS VIII GENE with i7 7700k with the same GPU and I had no issue using XMP, I even got a slightly higher framerate than the 9900k but I am guessing that is down to the memory using XMP. Now I cant say for sure all motherboards are affected by a frame rate loss of around 23 fps when using a i9 9900k and having your memory overclocked using XMP but I can say for sure anyone who has a Asus Maximus Hero XI with and i9 9900k may experience this problem too. Please check comparisons one with XMP OFF and the other XMP ON in the uploaded files also there is a screen shot of the stage selection from time trials if you wanted to try and replicate my issue. This is generally more noticeable when you get into corners and when there is crowds but once you disable XMP the stutters and frame drops are not noticeable. I hope this can be fixed SYSTEM SPEC ASUS MAXIMUS Hero XI WIFI i9 9900k 16 GB TRIDENT Z 3600 MHZ "F4-3600C16D-16GTZ RTX 2080 TI FOUNDERS PSU HX1200I