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  1. Still no support for this problem? It has also started happening to me.
  2. Racingmule

    Club Championships and DLC

    Cheers for the quick reply, i had it set up for group A in Spain so it shouldnt have been a problem. I understand the whole warning thing but this is why i only used non DLC tracks and i didnt think it applied to cars. Also he made it through the first 3 stages before the question arose. I will keep you posted if the problem persists. Thanks.
  3. I have setup a club and am running a championship for members. I have set it up using non DLC tracks so everyone can access it (including those without DLC). My question is if i run a car which came as DLC on these tracks, will it affect other users who dont have these cars? I have a user who started a championship and was 3 stages in when i joined in to race and he said it asked him to download additional content before he could continue. Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks.