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  1. Maby at last patch, UDP support for consoles?!?
  2. Agreed, just spend ~2000eur to Fanatec (and rest almost ~1000eur for cockpit). https://fanatec.com/eu-en/racing-wheels-wheel-bases/racing-wheels/podium-racing-wheel-f1 " PlayStation 5: There is currently no information from Sony Computer Entertainment whether licensed PS4 products will be compatible with the upcoming PS5 console. Therefore we cannot guarantee any compatibility to PS5 hardware or PS5 games at this time."
  3. There will be PS4 games which get performance upgrade for PS5. I don´t see any reason why Codemasters wouldn´t do that for best rally title on markets. Surely we pay for that if it must. btw, still not any confirm about gaming devices support for PS5. I hope at least Fanatec devices works with new generation.
  4. Anykind of patch upcoming for PS5? I mean performance upgrade, at least 4k textures.
  5. I use only cockpit camera (chasing some realistic immersion you know) and I want narrower FOV for that, just like serious racing games do...Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 etc, and also with consoles. I still do not understand why you dropped FOV out from console versions. Or is it with PC version that changing FOV will affect all of cameras? Happily those zoom/move adjustments with my TV are more than great, so it´s pretty good workaround but I have to change aspect ratio after every stages because it hide menus. One thing I hope for DiRT Rally 3.0, do not forget all these impr
  6. Hope servers works better at second week, no idea to start rally if servers hangs and you´ll ruin your game (DNF).
  7. Could you please tell me why it´s not planned, is there any reasonable reason for that why it´s not included in game since day 1? I understand you can´t increase FOV but we need to decrease it! It´s on other Codemasters console titles like F1 2019, but not with DiRT Rally But great that Codemasters will support game also in future. Hope you could also make performance upgrade (at least 4k textures) for upcoming consoles.
  8. FOV adjust which DECREASE field of view, so no need more graphical power. We really need that with consoles! I think it´s bug because it´s on PC version, you just forgot put it to consoles! With other CM titles like F1 2019 there is adjust for FOV and every serious other racing game from other gamehouses. I need click 11 times zoom in until I´m in right FOV setting at my game position:
  9. Maby at last patch for DiRT Rally 2.0, FOV adjust for consoles??!!?? I have 15 step zoom at my TV, somekind of workaround:
  10. Most frustrating is that server issues could spoil your club race, like when game hangs at Solberg club and you can forget t-shirt. So if there is no enough money to get servers which work and guys to maintain those, maby you could add somekind of feature to your games which take into account server crashes.
  11. Servers were bad shape before PS4 +member free release and now it´s totally unusable. Codemasters didn´t see this before and could make preparations to increased number of players?
  12. Reply camera at co-drivers side change driver from left to right seat. Watch few seconds this video. I think it may be little late to wish anything but I would like to hear "Last lap" with WRX, also at challenges. Why, because I don´t use any OSD and counting to six is too hard while driving. Matters most at Yas Marina when you finish without braking.
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