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    HDR for PC

    I played over year with PS4 Pro and now gone back to PC gaming. However I can use 4k resolution with all other stuff what comes with PC (like FOV) but it don´t look as good what it does with HDR enabled. I wonder why Codemasters did not make HDR support for PC? It changes so much, it´s really pity! Maby it´s possible add it by patch...like Kunos did for Assetto Corsa Competizione, which is fantastic game with PC and looks just awesome HDR enabled (LD OLED77C9 television). And I mean REAL HDR support, not fake one like with F1 20xx.
  2. MJV1973

    telemetry udp ps4

    Maby at last patch, UDP support for consoles?!?
  3. Came here to take my words back. I spent more and some more time with ACC on PS4 Pro and yes, it´s fantastic game however those few problems shoud fix asap. Like Aris say at his videos, there been nothing like this before on consoles. This one is HC sim. 4k 60fps HDR would be great, hope they do that possible for next gen consoles. Do not leave this game to shop just because there´s complains over the net...it´s not polished product yet but I´m sure it will be. https://www.youtube.com/c/ArisDrives/videos
  4. MJV1973

    Dirt Rally 2.0 PS5 PSVR Patch?

    Agreed, just spend ~2000eur to Fanatec (and rest almost ~1000eur for cockpit). https://fanatec.com/eu-en/racing-wheels-wheel-bases/racing-wheels/podium-racing-wheel-f1 " PlayStation 5: There is currently no information from Sony Computer Entertainment whether licensed PS4 products will be compatible with the upcoming PS5 console. Therefore we cannot guarantee any compatibility to PS5 hardware or PS5 games at this time."
  5. MJV1973

    Dirt Rally 2.0 PS5 PSVR Patch?

    There will be PS4 games which get performance upgrade for PS5. I don´t see any reason why Codemasters wouldn´t do that for best rally title on markets. Surely we pay for that if it must. btw, still not any confirm about gaming devices support for PS5. I hope at least Fanatec devices works with new generation.
  6. MJV1973

    Dirt Rally 2.0 PS5 PSVR Patch?

    Anykind of patch upcoming for PS5? I mean performance upgrade, at least 4k textures.
  7. Playstation 4 Why DiRT Rally 2.0 uses square instead of X ? At start of game there is "press X" but nothing happens until you press square. Almost all other PS4 games uses X for proceed and select things.
  8. Really, I expected something really good when watched videos from PC version. This kind of games, surely physics are no:1 but if you compare it to GT Sports where is 4k textures, HDR and pretty good physics, ACC feels like it´s made at 90´s. I have Fanatec v3 pedals, gas and brake vibrate all the time, I wonder why. If I enable on screen display where you can adjust brake balance, lights etc...how you can disable that window? I don´t like use anykind of OSD. With ACC you can´t get OSD free screen or can you? FOV adjust, it was on AC was it? I invested 3000eur to simulator setup so I´m pretty excited of racing games. Maby I should invest next 3000eur for PC.
  9. Actually more I play it more frustrated feeling it grows. I like AC, PCars2, DiRT Rally 1/2 and GT Sports (F1 2019 not so much). ACC on console has to be early access release, it feels so unfinished. I´m on PS4 Pro, hopefully it will be better with PS5 and I hope also DR2.0 will release performance upgrade for next gen consoles, it´s best in class at least until DR3.0 comes.
  10. MJV1973

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    I use only cockpit camera (chasing some realistic immersion you know) and I want narrower FOV for that, just like serious racing games do...Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2 etc, and also with consoles. I still do not understand why you dropped FOV out from console versions. Or is it with PC version that changing FOV will affect all of cameras? Happily those zoom/move adjustments with my TV are more than great, so it´s pretty good workaround but I have to change aspect ratio after every stages because it hide menus. One thing I hope for DiRT Rally 3.0, do not forget all these improvements what done to DR1 and DR2, so start from point where we got, not from scratch.
  11. MJV1973

    The Solberg World Cup

    Hope servers works better at second week, no idea to start rally if servers hangs and you´ll ruin your game (DNF).
  12. MJV1973

    Dirt rally 2.0 in next gen consoles

    Guys from Codemasters, maby you could tell answer for this thread question, is there plans to do this game better for new console versions? PS5 and 4k resolution? Have you tried PS4 Pro with 4k, it´s unplayable?
  13. MJV1973

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Could you please tell me why it´s not planned, is there any reasonable reason for that why it´s not included in game since day 1? I understand you can´t increase FOV but we need to decrease it! It´s on other Codemasters console titles like F1 2019, but not with DiRT Rally But great that Codemasters will support game also in future. Hope you could also make performance upgrade (at least 4k textures) for upcoming consoles.
  14. FOV adjust which DECREASE field of view, so no need more graphical power. We really need that with consoles! I think it´s bug because it´s on PC version, you just forgot put it to consoles! With other CM titles like F1 2019 there is adjust for FOV and every serious other racing game from other gamehouses. I need click 11 times zoom in until I´m in right FOV setting at my game position:
  15. MJV1973

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Maby at last patch for DiRT Rally 2.0, FOV adjust for consoles??!!?? I have 15 step zoom at my TV, somekind of workaround:
  16. MJV1973

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Most frustrating is that server issues could spoil your club race, like when game hangs at Solberg club and you can forget t-shirt. So if there is no enough money to get servers which work and guys to maintain those, maby you could add somekind of feature to your games which take into account server crashes.
  17. For PS4 Pro there was texture update at last summer. What You think Codemasters, could it be possible to update DiRT Rally 2.0 textures for PS5 ?
  18. MJV1973

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    Sure I understand, but at this thread I only asked 4k textures like there is already for Xbox One X. You requested fogfix multiple times before and you got answer that not gonna happen. I understand your point that it would be nice also get performance update which could lead removing fog...but tweaking game like that could be bigger work than just adding better textures which are already made. DiRT Rally 2.0 is best rally game ever and because of that it would be great to get somekind of performance update for next generation consoles. Pistä oma ketju pystyyn sille sumulle jos haluat jatkaa asian vatvomista ja jätä tämä ketju aiheelle jolle se on perustettu!
  19. MJV1973

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    Maby You could remove off-topic from this thread. It´s not so polite to steal original topic to argue about fog. If texture update not gonna happen then that´s the case. I placed question for Codemasters and hope someone from company could answer.
  20. MJV1973

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    Xbox One X supports 4k resolution already, maby PS4 Pro is too slow for that performance? Thought that it would be pretty easy to make also PS5 to support 4k resolution than tweak whole game to better performance, maby I´m wrong, don´t know anything about coding. However Codemasters count me in if there will be somekind of update for next generation consoles.
  21. MJV1973

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - In-Game Server Connectivity

    Servers were bad shape before PS4 +member free release and now it´s totally unusable. Codemasters didn´t see this before and could make preparations to increased number of players?
  22. Reply camera at co-drivers side change driver from left to right seat. Watch few seconds this video. I think it may be little late to wish anything but I would like to hear "Last lap" with WRX, also at challenges. Why, because I don´t use any OSD and counting to six is too hard while driving. Matters most at Yas Marina when you finish without braking.