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  1. So in this new Series on F1 2020 they finally added a very decent looking Helmet. I’ve been wanting one for so long that didn’t look too bland, lazy and garbage. I was so happy to see the new “Light Speed” Helmet. I immediately bought it and put my own style on it. I love it. Except there’s one thing that really annoyed me. The fact that I can’t change two of the colours on it. One if them is the red lining, the other is this gammy pink colour all over the front. I know this is a little petty but c’mon. Customisation (Especially Helmets) is a very important feature in games like F1. Hoping thi
  2. I just finished a GP in F1 2020 Career Mode and when the race results popped up the points system was out of order (Far Right of screenshot) Xbox Version: 1.14 Career Mode Not sure how to recreate the issue Has only happened once Not sure what to do in terms of troubleshooting Xbox Controller Screenshot taken at 15:30 17/01/21
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