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  1. TomRB12

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    They need a consistent stream of SC’s and VSC’s now and then. Maybe throw the odd red flag once and a while in practice, quali and maybe on a rare occasion in a race. This is what makes for an authentic experience. 2018’s game was okay with it, but this game is non existent.
  2. TomRB12

    Cutscenes in F1 2019

    I don’t know if abybody else has this issue but I don’t ever seem to see my career driver in opening cutscenes anymore. Last time I seen it was in Melbourne at the start of the season, I’m now at USA.
  3. TomRB12

    Weber is too OP?!?!

    He’s in alfa romeo btw
  4. TomRB12

    Weber is too OP?!?!

    I started my career mode in a torro rosso and everything was fine and dandy, As the season progressed I noticed Lukas Weber improving and improving, fair enough with the midfield teams but I’m now sitting here at USA and he’s only 3 tenths slower than a Ferrari. I feel the upgrade system and Webers general performance moves up way too quickly. I can complete all practice programs during a weekend and still lag behind on upgrades. They need to slow them down and put a limiter on Webers performance to his car.
  5. TomRB12

    Xbox One F1 Leagues

    I was wondering if anyone could direct me to an F1 league for Xbox One. Nothing too serious, just something to get into as a casual player.
  6. TomRB12

    F1 2019 wishlist

    As regards to the more realistic damage system. The game cannot include such a thing because the licensing with the real F1 teams doesn’t allow it. I’m sure you can understand that an F1 team wouldn’t like to see their car all bashed up and broken into pieces like some crashes you see in real life.
  7. TomRB12


    I think a good addition would be to add an adjustable “spray density” meter in the race settings.
  8. I heard that within the F2 career mode in the upcoming 2019 title, there will only be 3 scenarios featuring F2 in the career mode. I’m wondering why Codies didn’t think to include a full F2 championship season within the career mode in F1 2019. I see a lot of people asking for this to be included.