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  1. CoD2018

    F1 2020 Wishlist

    I want to start this F1 2020 Wishlist topic with Aarava's video. Be sure to check it out! And hopefully Codemasters are watching this and many other videos as well about F1 2020:)
  2. These need fixing, just put the new sponsors on the helmets and the suits.
  3. Hello everyone, Patch 1.08 just installed and I really love the work they have done. But since they fixed the McLaren and Ferrari liveries they should fix the driver's suit and helmet. Take a look at the pictures below, and if someone can tell them or notify them I would really appreciate that. Just the helmets and suits. Thanks a lot and enjoy the new liveries!
  4. Hello everyone, Patch 1.08 just installed on my PS4, and I love the new liveries but can someone notify or tell Codemasters that since they fixed the Ferrari and McLaren liveries, why can't they update/fix the drivers suits and helmets: Ferrari: 90 years on the suit and on the helmet McLaren: Update the suit and helmet as well ( I don't know the sponsor). If they could fix the suits and helmets, and the sounds a bit that would be the perfect game for me. Just the McLaren and Ferrari suits and helmets.😊 P.S I know I am being spastic
  5. CoD2018

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    Good job with the liveries, but the Ferrari and McLaren suits and helmets need to be fixed ASAP. You know with the new liveries etc
  6. Because that's Weber's number
  7. Ok, since there are official driver transfers in the game, a question: • For example, Valtteri Bottas moves to Haas, is he going to change his helmet, like his helmet with a new colour, sponsors and new design etc? Are the helmets going to be changed when a driver gets transferred to an other team?
  8. Question: Every car looks brilliant I admit that, but the Ferrari and the McLaren look so empty. So, since Codemasters don't have the rights to put tobacco companies on the cars, why don't they put the '90 years' stickers on the Ferrari? I don't which sponsor the McLaren doesn't have but fix the McLaren as well please. P.S They have lots of stuff to fix, but especially the sounds 😁
  9. Please Codemasters I beg you, please fix the F1 sounds!


    Many of us are really disappointed from those horrible sounds

  10. I have watched some early gameplay of F1 2019 and I got to say, the sounds and the revving and the gearing are horrible. The sounds are definitely not good. So please, for our sake can anyone or at least Codemasters themselves fix the sounds? Make them like the real life ones? Like data transfer or sound transfer I don't know. But please fix the sounds on pre - release or on an update at least. JUST FIX THE SOUNDS P.S Tyres look a bit unrealistic too