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  1. TimeShot

    F1 2021 Wishlist

    I would like to add: Cockpit camera only in Multiplayer without any assists as an option (Unranked, League) Pre-Season Testing in career mode like in MotoGP series MFD integrated into the steering wheel in cockpit view
  2. TimeShot

    Bahrain outer circuit is in the game!!!

    I do understand the collision model and the AI. But do you have any proof of the whole licensing issue from the F1 officials?
  3. Great idea, maybe have a look at MotoGP 19 how they made it. Pre-season testing would be a great addition to this series.
  4. TimeShot

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I really appreciate this feature. The FOV setting changes the HALO appearance (how much space the HALO "consumes" from the track in front of you). Especially in multiplayer I disable HALO because it is important to see what is going on in front of you. A semi-transparent HALO would be great!