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  1. Great idea, maybe have a look at MotoGP 19 how they made it. Pre-season testing would be a great addition to this series.
  2. TimeShot

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I really appreciate this feature. The FOV setting changes the HALO appearance (how much space the HALO "consumes" from the track in front of you). Especially in multiplayer I disable HALO because it is important to see what is going on in front of you. A semi-transparent HALO would be great!
  3. TimeShot


    Thank you for your fight at the front. Wishing you all the best!
  4. TimeShot

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    Same, same ... again and again. This kind of statements can be found everywhere: People only say or write something when they are not satisfied with the current situation and want need to complain. Everybody else who is satisfied with this is just quiet (and simply enjoys it). Like in this example, all those people liked the AI in 1.04 where silent and the late-brakers complained heavily against the AI. Now it's vice versa, the people happy with the AI in 1.04 are upset with the cautious AI in 1.05. Maybe a better (rewarding?) feedback system --any kind of positive or negative-- would be more helpful for Codemasters @Faya to find the true path?
  5. TimeShot

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Same here when trying to see messages. Steam on PC
  6. Hi Codies, it seems like the clearance of the McLaren it too low compared to all other models. The chassis is perfect it just sits too low. I tried to show it with some lines (MS Paint). Maybe you could fix this when upgrading the car models later on 👍