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  1. Lucasky

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Exactly same issues !
  2. The 3 biggest problems of F1 2019 ! It's unacceptable !!!! The game is broken.
  3. Lucasky

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Increase from 600 to 1000 for McLaren in 14 races !!!! Is-it a joke ? Everyone has the same thing or it's a bug for few people ?
  4. Same for me. Mid season transfers is a very bad idea.
  5. It's AFTER Hungary.
  6. Lucasky

    Big changes needed.

    I'm sorry but this game is not broken. This game is not perfect... the game requires some improvements and bug fixes but it's a very good game. F1 is very complicated... We are very lucky to have a game of this level. Maybe my age helps to relativize but see what's going on in tennis video games for example... 😉
  7. I can't imagine the update doesn't affect drivers. 🙃
  8. Codemasters please don't lower the level of Williams too much otherwise it will be impossible to improve them until the top 3. 😟
  9. 👍 Exactly the changes we need to make the game (almost) perfect
  10. Yes mid season transfer is negative but I don't agree with everything else (Driver transfers: yes/no", "contract negotiations every 4 races: yes/no,...). Why ? Because it's very difficult to develop options for players and there are many more important things than changing that.
  11. Lucasky

    AI pit release has been a joke

    Yes because you are human and your teammate is not. 😉 To talk seriously, I think Codemasters should hire a specialist in artificial intelligence but it's very very very expensive...
  12. Lucasky

    Big changes needed.

    Codemasters can't make all the changes at once. Why not do a survey to ask what is the most important change to make on F1 2019 ? Ranking will give priority to Codemasters.
  13. Lucasky

    F1 cars have no grip and no downforce

    I completely agree with RodrigoMendes.... No grip, no downforce, very complicated to turn, I need to brake much earlier than before. And my lap times are much slower. It looks like a bug. I lost all the fun of playing F1 game... PS4 with steering wheel
  14. Lucasky

    Worst pre release ever!

    Worst pre-release ever or worst fans ever ? You're just complaining all the time, it's so tiring ! I haven't read a single time " Waw, amazing, there are F2, new stories in career, drivers transfers, new graphics...". It's amazing to have a F1 game like this but you're never never never happy. It's sooo sad (for you) ! I'm not saying Codemasters F1 games are perfect but that's too much.