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  1. Fanatyk91

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    Game had mostly positive (~75%) latest steam reviews before last update. Now it's 49%. Hmmm
  2. Fanatyk91

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    People who don't like particular game don't play it. People with 200+ hours must like game if they have spent so much time playing it, so what reviews do you expect from them? Maybe people make negative reviews because promised VR works like (put here rude word), hmmmmm? Maybe because the game cost as much as AAA title but got bugs and problems like indie game and Codemasters just ignore some of these problems? Like invisible particles on Monte Carlo? Like always online DRM feature and Racenet performance? Like clubs website with tons of inactive trash without any sort or filter option to find anything interesting? Man, you can't even compare in-game your stage time with others, lol. Maybe because your car setup resets to default after every stage? Maybe because of missing content like weather settings in Wales? Or maybe because they released sim rally game without FFB? Maybe because medium and hard tires have no any sense? Sound issues? Who cares. But yeah, fanboys never see any defects of their beloved game and those who see these flaws are just asshats.
  3. Fanatyk91

    Your thoughts on the pricing for Season 3 + 4

    I wonder if Greece and Finland will have more than one rain settings or it will be disappointing like Wales with heavy rain only. Game have worse reviews than even WRC7 by the way.
  4. Fanatyk91

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Will Greece and Finland have more than one rain force option or like Wales it will be heavy rain only and nothing more? Do you plan to improve graphic quailty of falling heavy rain like you did with rain drops on windshield? Rain on windshield looks great but falling rain looks very bad in my opinion and DR1 had much better rain. I can't understand why graphic quality of this game is so uneven. Some thing looks amazing and some very bad.
  5. Can we get a chat inside multiplayer lobby? I know it would be hard to write anything on consoles but it doesn't mean PC players don't need this feature.
  6. Fanatyk91

    Rear View Mirror - what is this option for?

    Rear view mirror is interior mirror. I figured this out. This option works only during RX race. It adds virtual mirror. It doesn't work during RX time attack. Nice lazy game development by the way. To add option without any explanation, who cares. Same for "cloths" in advanced graphic settings (translated to polish as "materials" lol) and many other settings.
  7. If I were the person who is responsible for how clubs website looks like and works I would burn with shame. 200+ pages of inactive trash with 1 member. No option to sort, no option to filter. No info about club settings. Get data error on every page, Codemasters are you too poor to buy servers for data? Maybe start some crowdfunding campaign for servers if you are broke? Recomended clubs are trash with 1 members. Sort results by stage time require gather all data again? Who created this page, students? Maybe send them for frontend training. This page is useless. You can't find there anything interesting, it's impossible. This page is only for joining clubs posted on reddit with link and this operation is pain in the ####. Websites during DDOS works better than this. It's not beta. It's not even alpha. Keep doing that and you will be done after WRC8 release. You had mostly positive reviews on steam before last update (75%+ positive recent reviews) and now you got mixed again with 53% positives. VR on streams looks like #####, great game promotion, streamers don't wan't to play it. You don't respect your customers. Keep it doing. SHAME ON YOU.
  8. I don't see any difference after setting it on/off neither in rally nor rx. I tried also reload stage, still no effect. Cars always have rear view mirror. Option doesn't add virtual mirror, doesn't remove phisical one. Tested on Skoda up to 2000cc and VW Polo RX.
  9. 1. Strange position of left mirror in Fiesta R5. Is it intended? ------------------------------------- EDIT: ok, this is according to the real model of Fiesta R5, it was easy to check, my bad, sorry for stupid question (screenshot deleted). ------------------------------------ 2. Polish translation. Hard tires were translated before as "trudny" which means hard but in meaning of difficulty. Hard in meaning of toughness should be translated as "twarde" (and this is about plural, "trudny" is about singular and in masculine gender so it was even bigger nonsense). Now it is translated as "wysoki" which means tall (or high if you want) and "wysoki" is adjective of singular masculine gender. Tire is feminine gender in polish. What is tall? Tires are tall? So it should be about plural, so "wysokie". Tread of tire is tall? So make it "wysoki bieżnik" (high tread) I don't know what you're up to but at the moment it is something like: soft (miękkie, about plural), medium (średnie, about plural), tall (wysoki, about singular and masculine gender) Want tough tires? So make it "twarde". Want tall tires? So make it "wysokie". Want tall tread (of tire)? So make it "wysoki bieżnik". --------------------------------------------------------------------- PC Steam Laptop, 1050 Ti, i7-7700HQ, 16 GB RAM Deluxe user xbox gamepad
  10. I have just started game for the first time since update. I have spent long time lately for testing and setting graphic options to get smooth performance with best possible graphic quality. Well, thanks for reseting these to default high preset without any warning before. Next time I am going to make screenshots. Just saying. But this isn't funny at all.
  11. Fanatyk91

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Only 1 rain option in custom championship - heavy rain and nothing more. I'm very disappointed with your laziness... Codemaster you are doing it wrong. Or maybe other rain types would be available soon?
  12. Monte Carlo invisible obstacles (sorry for laud audio! Set yt volume to 30%) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYcDI7dELj4&feature=youtu.be
  13. Yes, I have special build only for me, so nobody else have this issue. Yes, bugged repairs on the route are completly related to my hardware so person with different set of OS, CPU, GPU and RAM don't have this issue for sure. How many hours have you spent in this game since you are so impudence to tell me there is problem with my game only? There should be IQ tests to pass during registration. No, problem exists for sure in clubs and rally championships (first option in section where are community challenges, I don't use english version so I don't know how they called it). However, I presume this bug occurs in every gamemode where spare wheel option exists. You are at service area before 1st stage and you take spare wheel. You finish 1st stage without puncture. On next stage without service area you get pucture and there is not option to change wheel. If you finish this stage with puncture and 3rd stage is also without service are, you will start this stage with pucture.
  14. Spare wheel doesn't work. You take it and can't change it after puncture. Five months after release game have critical bugs in main features which destroy gameplay. In such expensive game. This is UNACCEPTABLE,
  15. I had the same problem, I think it exists if you are only in 1 club but I'm not sure about that. You can search for your club if you remember it name and enter it this way.