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  1. Can we get a chat inside multiplayer lobby? I know it would be hard to write anything on consoles but it doesn't mean PC players don't need this feature.
  2. If I were the person who is responsible for how clubs website looks like and works I would burn with shame. 200+ pages of inactive trash with 1 member. No option to sort, no option to filter. No info about club settings. Get data error on every page, Codemasters are you too poor to buy servers for data? Maybe start some crowdfunding campaign for servers if you are broke? Recomended clubs are trash with 1 members. Sort results by stage time require gather all data again? Who created this page, students? Maybe send them for frontend training. This page is useless. You can't find there anything interesting, it's impossible. This page is only for joining clubs posted on reddit with link and this operation is pain in the ####. Websites during DDOS works better than this. It's not beta. It's not even alpha. Keep doing that and you will be done after WRC8 release. You had mostly positive reviews on steam before last update (75%+ positive recent reviews) and now you got mixed again with 53% positives. VR on streams looks like #####, great game promotion, streamers don't wan't to play it. You don't respect your customers. Keep it doing. SHAME ON YOU.
  3. I have just started game for the first time since update. I have spent long time lately for testing and setting graphic options to get smooth performance with best possible graphic quality. Well, thanks for reseting these to default high preset without any warning before. Next time I am going to make screenshots. Just saying. But this isn't funny at all.
  4. I had the same problem, I think it exists if you are only in 1 club but I'm not sure about that. You can search for your club if you remember it name and enter it this way.
  5. Fanatyk91

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

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