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  1. It's not wrong, blocking payed content that was available until last week is fraud.
  2. Wrong German translation of "struggle" in RX. That the opponents struggle was translated with "sie haben Probleme" what means more or less that the opponents are in trouble or have technical problems. I wondered about that before playing in English.
  3. I've played in English now. It is clearly a wrong translation of "pole".
  4. cirad

    540 degrees in Argentina

    Thank you all for the answers. I had guessed something like this: too little handbrake use and not proper throttling.
  5. cirad

    540 degrees in Argentina

    Up to now I had set my steering wheel to 360 degrees. In Catamarca I often hit the steering wheel full, which I only really noticed after setting the steering wheel to 540 degrees, which makes full steering not so easy anymore. Do I have to full steer so often, or do I drive wrong?
  6. Wrong spelling in German text (PC) In the event edit menu (Event bearbeiten) the text for random conditions is misspelled. wrong: Zufällige bedingungen correct: Zufällige Bedingungen
  7. The voice in the start sequence is louder than while driving. (PC, 1.6)
  8. Total damage in Argentina if you miss a bridge (PC, 1.6) In Argentina, you can roll down the slope between stones and reset the car, but if you drive into the ditch next to a stone bridge, you immediately have a total loss.
  9. cirad

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    Unfortunately it’s very unlikely. The voice was bad in WRC 7 too – and the new one is already an improvement.
  10. Major graphic bug, especially in Spain on wet tarmac (PC version, 1.6, Windows 10 with Geforce, tested with 1080 Nvidia drivers 430.64 and 431.36; the bug already existed in 1.5) From trees, bushes, stones, objects, white boxes are displayed downwards on the street. It’s obvious for a single tree, but most annoying for bushes, limbs, stones and grass on the roadside.
  11. Silly save dialog (PC version, 1.6) If you want to leave an event, you will get a warning message that unsaved progress will be lost. You cannot save your progress, so this message dialog does not make any sense.
  12. German pace note error on Ascension bosque Montverd (PC version, 1.6) In the second section the co-pilote says »Macht zu bei Mast« (tightens at mast/pylon), but there is no mast. I assume the pole is meant, but in German this a »Pfosten« while a »Mast« is something bigger for power cables for example.
  13. FFB isn't perfect but far away from being trash.
  14. Does anyone also think that the engine sound in the cockpit view of the Citroën DS 21 is much too loud compared to the other cars? For this car I have to turn down the volume every time. I watched several Youtube videos and the car seems to be quieter.
  15. Minor issue: wrong German translation (double future tense) Current: “Das gegenwärtige Tuning-Setup wird dadurch ersetzt werden.“ Should be: “Das gegenwärtige Tuning-Setup wird dadurch ersetzt.“ (”The current tuning setup will be replaced.” I don’t know if this exact wording of the english text in the game if you load a tuning setup.)