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  1. I've managed to finally install the camera tool/mod, and I can't believe I've been sleeping on this amazing tool. Here's the FRITOSPORT RALLY 2020 Livery modified for the upcoming Azores Sim rallye event (PC, Edited Livery, Edited Photo)
  2. Can't believe I forgot to post this, but The 2020 Fritosport livery for the R5 Mitsubishi Space Star is 👀 🔥 (Photos are edited and color corrected, PC obviously)
  3. Trying out some 1440p and 4k screenshots, the increased detail is soo pretty
  4. Slightly recoloured from the previous post, but this is my favorite photo I've taken yet
  5. It's one thing to go fast in finland at night. It's another to do get a WR with no headlights. https://youtu.be/ThZXAfIrFaE
  6. Just got the team livery on and I ❤️ it
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