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  1. Hi guys u know that a great problem for many people of dirt 2.0 community is the navigator pace note . Somenthing are totally wrong and other could be better. i know very well in whic way was build a navigator in a game because I had create in past my own using tgd a navigator builder software. i know the vocal tag that was be join to visual indication . my idea could be a possibility to correct the wrong tag ! Somenthing like after stop in game after the wrong pace note in option menu a voice called ‘ nav builder’ that open a window report three line of pace note the past the next and the next after . working to visual indication , turn left or right and number u can modify and correct only insert the correct visual indication . for example a 3 , turn right ( wrong) i select a visual turn right left and I can overwrite the mistake pacenotes and save it . i m a pc user but could be great if this solution could be insert for all platform and placed in next release regards carlo
  2. HI GUYS we are a gruop of Italian Simracers. We come from RBR mod and we had add our experience for create a very good champ according like dirt 2.0 can offert today. We had create 2 leauges one for official champ THE NEW DRIVERS https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/178669 and another for rally CIWRC (ITALIAN WRC CHAMPIONSHIP) https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/183961 This last league has a great CHAMPIONSHIP incoming, follow the real ones very closed. and we have prepare a clear road book for all of this event :-) If u like our way to create Championship and rally events please join our leaugues. :-) Every rally or event will be on line for 7 days, and our champ follow the historic Italian rally Championship ( number of ps, pa, and weather condition) All the realistic filter are setting to max, and we are closing to steam users so pc players, and streering wheel. Tks and have a great races The New Drivers CREW RB HISTORIC TARGA.pdf
  3. carlettodj

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    @Mike Dee please add to team old school racing team Stefano botti - Cheyenne40
  4. carlettodj

    DiRTy Discord Rally Championship

    Hi @Mike Dee Team: OLD SCHOOL RACING TEAM Car: POLO R5 Team members: 1. Guido Pittavino - [HARAMBE]GHO57SNIPER 2. Carlo Melesi - CARLETTODJ 3. Maurizio Rossi - MAURI3972 4. ------------- ALL PC USERS - STEERING WHEEL