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  1. Not so bad to be undriveable - but haven't tried to lauch with an fps counter, so I don't know exactly the values atm, sorry - but yes, surely framerate is instable with a lot of drops and sudden variations all over, like the gfx engine isn't so stable and optimized; had 2-3 stuck+CTD too. Someone reported that this kind of issues could be related to Logitech racing wheels, but don't know exactly.
  2. Hello. I report here major issues I think still should be fixed. I report them also because they occurs also to some of my friends despite they have different rigs. Sound issues (even if I'm pretty sure they are already reported): - sounds disappears randomly when driving; (atm my workaround is pause the game, then pull out the green jack from audio card entry on the back of my pc, plug in it again, sounds are back and so I can finish the stage without progress losses or restarts, but of course can't be considered a definitive solution imho). - some weird sounds, sounds pitch variations, some sounds temporarily lowering or raising or disappearing, 99% of times before everything turns mute: so seems related to previous point, appearing like the program doesn't address or use enough memory for sounds (at least this is what seems to me and can't explain better, sorry). - seems that from ver. 1.5 music disappears when entering the setup menu at assistance; (ok, just a minor thing). - still some pacenotes are wrong here and there, bends radius and directions included, and or too early or late. Graphics issues: - random highly noticeable framerate drops or hiccups, sometimes even during assistance animations and not only when there're many spectators. - too much annoying pop-ups and appearing objects near the track, even at very short distance from the car, both driving and watching replays, at least for my tastes. - some sudden and unexpected light glitches/flashes when driving, at least using inside view. - on the contrary, very low light and visibility using inside view at certain stage conditions, i.e. overcast or so or late afternoon; also often car lights at night stages gives very poor lighting along the track, sometimes barely seeing at 50 meters in front of the car despite additional and special lamps for rallying at night and even with good weather conditions. Steam achievements bugs: - unable to unlock some of them, despite I've reached the goals many times, particularly: 1- buy all Group B cars (stuck at 3/5); 2- buy all Group A cars (stuck at 2/4); 3- complete a stage under four different weather conditions (stuck at 3/4). And here are my pc specs for reference, if needed: CPU Intel core i7-4770K @ 3,50GHz, 16 GB RAM, ASUS video card with NVIDIA GTX 980 GPU and 4GB video memory, DX 12, monitor ASUS VG248 1920x1080 @144 Hz, integrated Realtek audio over Intel mobo, G27 driving device, Windows 10 Home 64bit with latest upgrades, Steam pc Platform, Deluxe Edition (pre-purchased Standard Ed. and upgraded at day one after a couple of hours into driving), updated drivers, italian Language, +350 hours to date into Dirt Rally 2.0 sim. Many thanks for attention and sorry for my poor english Language.