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    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    I doubt that will ever happen.
  2. TPGxZ3NOX

    Blinking rate of the Red Backlight, F1 20XX

    Finally i have been waiting for someone to have the same thoughts as me. Ever since F1 2015 the ERS red light has flashed slow and it does it only when you are at high revs in gear 4 or higher. I would like it to blink fast when the AI are harvesting energy like near the end of the strait. Also to indicate when the AI or other players are out of Deployable energy on that lap. Finally to show If players or AI are having battery problems. The Car sounds need fixing too. They should sound like this. Let me know what you think and DM me if you want to discuss it more. F1_Force_India_Microphone_test_Onboard_Lap_Brazil_2017_(1).mp4
  3. TPGxZ3NOX

    Copymasters F1 2018 Copy

    There is one thing that is copied from F1 games since 2015. the stupid ERS light on the back of the car that doesn't even simulate harvesting and battery problems
  4. Reply If you agree. Replays and Cutscenes on the PC version of F1 2019 even with a high end system and components, (The replays and Cutscenes buffer and skip frames like crazy) On the Xbox or PS4 this doesn't happen. I don't know why this hasn't been solved yet but I would like to see your opinion on this topic. Reply to me your thoughts.
  5. F1 2019 either needs improving or F1 2020 will need to be a lot better

  6. TPGxZ3NOX

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    @AllenB2609 Needs Car sound improvement as they all sound low revs and depressing.
  7. Playing games again.

    Finished college.