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  1. I turned the settings to it's lowest preset, then went through and turned everything to either its lowest setting or off in both the general and advanced tabs. The game looked worse than RBR on its worst day. Same issue. Frame rate dips to unplayable levels across that bridge.
  2. Just tried it - turned it off in both settings and didn't notice any change in that spot.
  3. My system does the same exact thing - no amount of changing the graphics alleviates the issue. Everything on low and it still stutters in Scotland and Spain. Running on a 1660 Ti, I can run 70-80 fps any other time during the game. Drops down to 15 across that bridge in Scotland - it's horrible.
  4. Having this same issue. Also on PC / Steam, using 1660 Ti on Windows 10. Trying to do the NR4 monthly in Monaco. First shakedown everything went fine to the end. Started 2nd shakedown and no engine sound.
  5. AcousticBoom

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    Platform: PS4 deluxe edition When competing in any of the "events" (as opposed to free play) my times do not show on the leader boards. Once I complete a stage and see the leader boards, it only shows me the top time. No option to "find me" either. Happens regardless of the event type. However, if I look to see what reward tier I'm in from the main menu, that works ok. I also am still receiving rewards for the ones I complete. The problem does not exist in the free play's time trials.