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  1. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    Also 2 race modes is not enough u could say 1 as evry race is prity mutch a time atk it gets boring Quick for me sometimes i cant beat a race and then i Just wane do something difrent bud i cant cus there is no ather content also some music wouldent Hurt nobody
  2. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    No sponsers that pay more monny As you become more famous bit disapointing also why cant i have more then 1 team mate team mates i have bought should stay owned also the coller Black looks kinda green on the ps4 when customizing my cars also wish customizing had more options like paint type to difrent type of Tire costumizations
  3. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    It would be nice if we had team races so u could race with a friend in your team online, coop would be nice to unlock aswel afther completing the camaign so u could play it with a friend
  4. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    the online sucks no costum lobbys ai shouldent be there and i cant choose a game mode the flashbacks dont realy work like in campain they used to work online aswel it gets boring prity quick the way it is cars dont get dmg as quick and the dmg afther a crash on your weels dosnt effect the mobility i realy miss the fun part from the old grid where if u got tired of raceing u could go driftig or do demo derby to Just have some fun this game is missing so mutch compared to the old grid series 😐
  5. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Transision from Day to night during races car controle issues afther a crash driftig demo derby maby some pakour time atack races car performance upgrades this is my Grid wishlist maby gokarts races could be fun
  6. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    Yes they should have, i do feal like they rushed it way to mutch thats prob why we dont have demo derby drifting or good tree's & rocks car performance upgrades
  7. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    He also has bin warned to keap thing productieve on these forums and by saying the game is dead because it dosnt have inviseble winds that is not helpfull at all so if anyone is using scaremongers tactics its him we are not saying that he is wrong about the grapical issues its the rude way he trys to bring them to light
  8. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    And if this is a game you claim to love u should act like it insted of saying dev's spit on the game or that the game is dead those are some inrasional acusations the devs work verry hard on grid and all you guys do is spit on it with your negative aditudes and iresional way of speaking to the devs
  9. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    His "mission" is to voice his opinion (critical or otherwise) about graphics quality in a dedicated thread about graphics quality with no need whatsoever to PM anyone about personal thoughts. Scaremongers will try their methods of dissuasion in EXACTLY the same way as the pro Grid people attempt their methods of persuasion and BOTH sides of the fence will try to sway opinions if only to validate their claims so If you seriously believe that this could be in any way, shape or form could be construed as bullying then you really do need to grasp the basic mechanics of debating. Furthermore, if you actually took the time to read through the entire thread in order to take on board all the comments (by everyone and not just backend stuff by a select few) then maybe, just maybe you'll understand things a little better and have something far more constructive - and something far more appropriate - to add instead of just that typical third party ploy to stir a hornets nest (that's not there to be stirred) you attempted. 'If you don't like it, go play something else' is not the point of this discussion so don't embarrass yourself by thinking it is. Thats a verry delusional way of putting things all you guys have done is ridicule the devs but now you guys are the one beeing juged for you out of controle action whitch are puurly made to Hurt the fealings of evry 1 who worked on the game and now here you Come saying we are bullying you guys, yea sure... Sugestions are more then welcome about grid as long as it is done is a civilized way
  10. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Essentials - Latest Gameplay Showcases

    I have a question to about the damage system afther a inpact on the front weels do we get a controle issue like we used too because i have't realy seen it hapen yet
  11. ELITE-Team-Solo

    3hour live stream of grid 2019

  12. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    No one is forcing you to buy it right go play that game if u like it so mutch because what you are doing on these forums is Just harasment at this point
  13. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    So what Yes the tree's look bad in grid compared with the old grid and so do the rocks that dosnt mean the game is dead what you guys are doing here is Just toxic Some of us are stil happy for grid making a comeback afther all these years people worked verry hard on making this game so to say its nailed into a coffin (dead) that is Just rude
  14. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I think its looks great with the bright blue sky it looks cool 👌👍
  15. ELITE-Team-Solo

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Thats great to hear I like it in games because it adds alot of replayableity and its fun to grind to reach the rank u wane be in afther reaching the end in your progresion