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  1. Whilst i agree with the forced 5 second waiting, the rest, i do not. Everything you listed only helps you as a single-minded time trial simulator, if that's all the game is to you, then so be it, nothing wrong with that, however changing things like the default answer on a confirmation dialogue box is literally going against accepted UI design and negating the fact there is a confirmation box there in the first place. I think there are plenty of ways they could implement how smoothly a time trial goes for the user, i'm not sure your solutions are the best though.
  2. They've typically run on a 6 month announce to release schedule.
  3. I know it's just the editing, but that limiter-launch as soon as it fired up still got me cringing 😄
  4. English only forum, please keep to this language - and i hope they're getting it right too.
  5. That doesn't sound like a thing.
  6. What's the bad news? that video doesn't release for many more hours yet.
  7. Unless you're trying to be oddly ironic, or i didn't get his post correctly, then....
  8. Pandemic aside, i think the entry lists weren't going to be *that* stellar anyway - but yeah, pandemic really smacked it hard.
  9. Hopefully he was, he's very unnecessarily unclear.
  10. And no one else here knows why you seem to think game = engine. Other than BF2042 being filled with bugs, it's also not a vehicle sim game.
  11. Yeah, there's always one, he's our one.
  12. You might have mis-read my double negative post. I'm saying that there should be something very soon, something before the official game, just because the team have been working on it for ages and i'm fairly certain i saw they'd produce something before the licensed game.
  13. It seems highly unlikely there won't be something between now and the official WRC licensed game.
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