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  1. No, dumb-ass (you have to be joking, i know you're not actually dumb) it's not about A or B, it's the journey in-between 😄
  2. 😲 That over-run has so much bass to it that it sounds like a V8!
  3. Might be, might not be; Licensors need to approve what and how their brand appears, not just that it appears License might be needed for a design if it doesn't belong to the same people Car brand needs to 'ok' their rally car having each design on it Plus more i'm not aufait with.
  4. Sad to see no Coley & Rook, anyone know what happened? Did the resulting commentary team end up looking like the back-up commentators the BBC used to do where it was clear they don't know the sport? Still not going to pay for it, that's why adverts exist, sucks as it's the only real motorsport i've watched in the last few years, now, nothing 😞
  5. Do i have to write out my working in full for you? I'm not upset, just stating info, hopefully it helps explain it further. "they're not really able to do stages modelled after current WRC stages, that was a big grey area last i heard." That is what i said, it means the following: 1) Refers to current stages, not past stages 2) It's an issue with WRC promoter in that legal has advised them not to copy the in-use stages. 3) This info is a few years old.
  6. They are locations, not stages.
  7. I think i'd be (pleasantly) surprised if they *did* announce the next rally game tomorrow. Remember until they get the license (they do not have it yet) they're not really able to do stages modelled after current WRC stages, that was a big grey area last i heard. As for what's hopefully coming, i'd say photo mode is going to be there, graphics will always improve, just to what degree and dynamic weather with physics changes will be high on the list as well. Maybe we'll see stage length/creation improvements, they've always said how long it takes to make stages, the
  8. I know they didn't used to map anything, so all the other teams using laser scanned stuff etc. and Codies were not yet doing that.
  9. Gah, ***, WRC's pay-for coverage isn't good, and whilst i've had it good for WRX the last few years with full live coverage on youtube, i really can't see subjecting myself to the awful **** that is WRC promoters coverage and billing system again - and what the heck? no Andrew Coley?!!! why?!!!
  10. I think if you're going to "Cheat" to practise an event like that, you should at least have to put in the work you described.
  11. Would a side-by-side be too cruel? 😈
  12. Doesn't mean it's not cheaper to buy a full system Vs. paying for the scalped display card price 😉
  13. Cheaper to buy a prebuilt system right now, you can get them with the unobtainium parts inside and most aren't marking them up much at all.
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