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    DiRTy Gossip

    Select the second livery in game, then you'll have a pretty good idea on what car the sound was recorded from.
  2. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed Car List

    They can't use the WRC term, it's copyright/owned by WRC Promoter so the term rally is used instead.
  3. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRTy Gossip

    @gfRally i can't watch that yet, but did they say who restored it? i can then confirm if it's the same car.
  4. Dang, it's a good one though.
  5. That's very nice, i like it, on RD?
  6. It's funny the picture @gfRally posted 3 years ago, is the exact same car and livery that we got in DR2 🙂
  7. Bug of engine idle audio not playing, engine audio under physics load pulling up to the line. load any stage, chance of getting engine audio playing under load instead of idle is about 85% - normally resumes correctly when the handbrake is pulled, sometimes doesn't.
  8. I don't think anyone would blame you for posting the official youtube live stream links here.
  9. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRTy Gossip

    Unfortunately it's not a case of asking who owns the car, more who built the car and who's advertised on it. However, i wouldn't put it past Codies to release some DLC not yet announced...
  10. Further info on the crash issue reported by someone else earlier in the thread. No issues or changes to system until 1.7 patch, now the game will crash in varying ways if i have Chrome open. 1) When service areas load 2) When game starts just after first splash screen (results in main .exe crash + report sending) 3) When game starts just before first splash screen. The crash is a CTD, normally without an error. Platform Steam Intel chip AMD graphics.
  11. Night option possible in the new Abu Dhabi track?
  12. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRTy Gossip

    Not for a few more hours i think.
  13. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRTy Gossip

    It's literally a location, it doesn't mean they're adding challenges or other stuff, it's just a handling pad/location - you know, for an actual, real life rally school....
  14. Does anyone fancy taking on a little challenge, giving the RGT class a little love. I saw this livery at the Goodwood FOS and thought it quite striking, i know chrome can be done in the game, so, anyone fancy trying it? 😎
  15. Pretty certain I hear Coley say the focus running gear was in their cars raced in the ARX this weekend.
  16. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRTy Gossip

    Ford would also have to approve their 2007 car appearing with that livery. It's all very complicated 😞
  17. Another video of the engine being under load pulling up to the stage start.
  18. F2CMaDMaXX

    DiRTy Gossip

    Don't forget, F1 is it's own team and in their own office, it's not likely anyone got moved to that team for it's release. They did/do all help on Grid though.
  19. Not helpful, what platform, if PC, what graphics settings - i have red discs on mine, saw them the other night, doesn't mean there aren't cars with missing discs, or i think i saw one that had rear discs red and front not.
  20. PC Intel I7 4770, 16GB, RX480 Deluxe user G27 1) Confirming the turbo blow off sounds do not play when releasing the throttle on pedals (even when side-stepping the pedal), they play fine on keyboard and gamepad. 2) Main bug i'm reporting. Engine idle audio is not always playing, instead the engine sound (when engine idling) is playing the "under load" condition in the physics engine. Issue was very apparent in versions 1.5 and earlier, happened around 90+% of the time - i was able to slightly cut how often it happened by using the CPU affinity "trick" of knocking off one core (prior to the loading time fix in 1.6) In version 1.6 the chance of this bug happening is drastically reduced, maybe 10% of the time you will experience the bug now. Reproduction Load up any stage, time trial, daily etc, if the bug occurs, the engine will not be playing the idle sound, instead it will use the sound used when the throttle is being pressed at say, 1% and sub that sound in during the time it should be playing an idle sound. It's most obvious and easiest to hear with the cars that have a very distinctive idle, Delta Integrale, R5 208, WRX 2008 etc. For a daily, or AI challenge, you can listen to the car rolling up to the line and it's even more obvious - most of the time, the idle will reset when the handbrake is pulled (as is the case in the example video below) however, sometimes it doesn't change and you're still stuck with the wrong idle sound during the stage.
  21. I know the one, and that is correct, this car is internally waste gated, so it'll be quiet nearly 100% of the time.
  22. There isn't a wagon, wait, do you mean the 2008 WRC? anyway, that car barely has any turbo sound at all IRL, so this is correct.
  23. @CM_Ads I spoke to @soundfx about it too, it's very easy to replicate and i too have this between my keyboard and G27 setup. I'm guess some kind of limiter on how fast the throttle is released, i think even sidestepping the throttle pedal isn't fast enough to activate the blow off.
  24. That was from several months ago.
  25. Right, second (higher up) splash is shallow, you'll typically be going fast enough to clear most of it's depth.