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  1. The offline career mode is there, but i agree, having at least the ability to do car purchasing and upgrades in the offline version would be a nice addition for some people.

    Of course you could argue that once you've done that once, you don't care as much about buying and upgrading cars again, then you've just got what the offline career mode gives you?

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  2. I'd love to think we'll get Spa RX, but i've seen mentioned twice, "have you seen how much they charge for rights?"  - unfortunately sounds like they already looked into it and the track/rights holders are being elitist aholes about it 😞


    Maybe if we all bought Season3&4 whether we like the S4 contents or not 😄   

    Anyway, i'm hoping that we'll get more stuff to download, it doesn't have to be in seasons you know 😉 

  3. 15 hours ago, RallyLover19 said:

    Doesn't wotk with G27! None of its buttons
    Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 does


    Also íDirt 4 was able to spin the car in car park with D-pad of the G27's shifter - now only WASD-QE are working in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Controls remain the same from DR and D4 with the exception of the view in the service area that you correctly found to be wasd-qe.

    So with that in mind, button 17 is the equivalent of enter or mouse 1 - 15 is back - 16 is i think F1 and 18 is F2.  D-Pad navigates.

  4. Oh i see what you're saying, because it comes at the same time as the Golf F2 car, got it.  It's not really a precedence to go on though 😉

    Yes, there absolutely were regular 206's in competition, it was the replacement for the 205 (that's in the H1 FWD class)

  5. 23 hours ago, ebarbs27 said:

    It's a little bit high pitched in game but I'm 99% sure an s7 was recorded prior to Dirt 4 being released

    Select the second livery in game, then you'll have a pretty good idea on what car the sound was recorded from.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, dani211212 said:

    May i ask @PJTierney is there chance we will get some DLC as not part of season 3 and 4? like for example Codies have good relationship with Ryan Champion, is there chance for putting his Ford Puma, as kit car, and Lancer evo9 or the Lancer 2005 model? it would fit perfectly for F2 and up to 2000ccm class.. i will support you anyway with season 3 and 4 pass, but season 4 with rx content is nothing for me.. so i hope for miracle, and extra content for loyal supporters 🙂

    Unfortunately it's not a case of asking who owns the car, more who built the car and who's advertised on it.  However, i wouldn't put it past Codies to release some DLC not yet announced...

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  7. Further info on the crash issue reported by someone else earlier in the thread.

    No issues or changes to system until 1.7 patch, now the game will crash in varying ways if i have Chrome open. 

    1) When service areas load

    2) When game starts just after first splash screen (results in main .exe crash + report sending)

    3) When game starts just before first splash screen.


    The crash is a CTD, normally without an error.


    Platform Steam

    Intel chip

    AMD graphics.

  8. It's literally a location, it doesn't mean they're adding challenges or other stuff, it's just a handling pad/location - you know, for an actual, real life rally school....

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