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  1. 21 minutes ago, AlexSpartan316 said:


    (if Citroen really decide to leave wrc...and maybe Codies decide to do a super sick ninja move and ask them the license to add the car into the game...I certainly wouldn’t mind 👀)

    It's not the manufacturers putting the licensing restrictions in the way for codies, it's WRC promoter. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    @F2CMaDMaXX seems like you always disagree in what I say,even if I ask a simple question.in this case I guess you disagree because you think the two versions are different? You can tell me the difference between the two cars?

    Correct, it's not the same car, there were several posts before and after yours stating technical improvements and a widely known one was the KYB damper support for the 2019 season.

  3. Haha, erm, no, I don't work for CM and don't say anything on their behalf.

    Weren't codies spotted at a few other places this last year? We know Ireland, don't remember the other place I think someone pointed out.

    We still have the car recording spot from a few months ago.  That's never a solid confirmation of car or of which game (sounds can be used on alternative vehicles & can be for future games)

    There are clues around the place, just gotta realise they're clues...

    But I agree that the same codrivers coming back does seem to suggest this is dr2 content....

  4. At this point, i'm more disappointed with the apparent attitude of the Hansens, i just saw the winners press conference and the camera even focused on Bakkerud for a while when Timmy was speaking, shaking his head in disbelief 😞


    If Timmy had won and commented as he did in the pres conference, only, without the snarky ******-ass comment (comedic style) of flipping round why Bakkerud would be disappointed with the result, i would have more respect for him.  That was just a ****** thing to do IMO, not a winners move and especially when it was as controversial as it was.


    I really hope Bakkerud comes back, he's one of the nicest guys out there and highly skilled.  Timmy's move was too hard, i think more as a result of the red dust there being far slipperier than regular dirt, and it punted Bakkerud wider and harder, not good for anyone as the resulting over-dramatic crash proved.

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  5. Calm down peoples, the Fabia sound is on their list to do, just a case of time right now.

    The C4 sound is also on the list....


    Sometimes i think people aren't looking for more gossip at a time when i really think they should be doing so.... 👀

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  6. So i was already less than impressed by the behaviours of all 3 drivers after the race.  However, that clip could be read two ways.


    1) Grabbing his wrist and saying something to him, could have been disparaging etc.  Might explain why his brother pushed him away, it sort of appeared like he was holding him down.

    2) He was trying to congratulate him and tried to say as such, a loud moment for sure, but it's odd Kevin blanked him and shoved him out the way.


    It's tough to read for sure, it looks weird to grab the wrist as he's standing up to just give congrats.  But only the two of them (3?) could hear what Bakkerud said, he for sure said something as he grabbed Timmy's wrist.

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  7. I would love to have seen the rear view of that incident, it was possibly too dusty to make out though.

    Bakkerud *did* run wide on that corner - yes, he *was* cutting back late for the apex/drive on the exit, but he was just too wide when he initiated the rotation.

    Was there enough room to get underneath? yeah, more or less - *did* Timmy lean on him in doing so?  Yes.  But it really wasn't that hard of a hit.


    The issue ended up being Timmy being more keen to get on the throttle again from a tighter(slower) line due to not being able to let it run as wide, but the tyre wall but them both.  Bakkerud technically knocked both 208's off the track in that single incident.  There is no way they could have calculated doing this, as we found out, it took what's-his-name to retire later in the race for the result we ended up with.

    Once again i saw Bakkerud not fully know what happened, feeling that he was basically rammed off the track (kinda, but racing incident style) rather than him running wide and like any top-tier competitor would, Timmy taking the gap.


    I was very surprised that Bakkerud was so very salty on the podium, that was not cool.  What was more uncool was Timmy obviously tit-for-tatting him (though Bakkerud started it) during the post race interview and the national anthem, even Kevin had to tell him to knock it off.

  8. 10 hours ago, richie said:

    I did a bit more testing, this time at Silverstone and all in all there's a whole lot of spots where you can cut and gain multiple seconds over 5 or 6 laps across almost all RX tracks. Canada and maybe Montalegre are probably the only tracks where you can't cut due to their layout. Silverstone was part of a previous round in the WS, so people might have already taken advantage but still, this is awful. 

    I'm not going to post another of those horrible videos. Here's a Xbox DVR link instead. 


    Oh man, they're horrendous cuts, that's definitely a bug report needed.

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  9. I'm not so sure on free content specifics from the gossip and hints i've seen - i would say there might be some more proper DLC coming, Coley was back recording stuff and so was Phil Mills, i think we've got something coming after S4 🙂

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  10. 3 hours ago, HoksuHoo said:

    Seems Steam gets it a bit earlier. These seem like pretty cool cars though. I don't even mind that the VW uses Mini Countryman sounds :classic_biggrin: Though it is heavily edited so no problem, not the kind of copy-paste they did with Fabia WRC

    It doesn't use the countryman sound.

    3 hours ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    @HoksuHoo  the 206 sound? Your thoughts? Tnx

    I heard there might be a balance (volume) issue but the sound is all 206wrc.

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  11. On 10/2/2019 at 9:06 PM, NateFink said:

    Did this update (1.9) remove the self centering  wheel force on menus for anybody else or did this just happen to me?  It is weird feeling and I preferred it the old way.

    No, that option is only on crash reset, the setting you're talking about belongs to the wheel software.

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  12. 1 hour ago, SkyRex said:

    It has Total sponsor on it.
    But that is an Oil/Fuel Company, very connected to cars anyway, so why would there be a problem?

    I see it now on the front corner, bad angle for the screenshot.

    I wasn't referring to not getting the Marlboro livery, but whether we got the full Total livery, might be missing minor sponsors on the side skirts, but I'm still happy.

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  13. So checked Fabia ride height in Spain, it does visually adjust with changes, but seems like less than perhaps it should - i would argue there is a little visual deception going on with the fender height and livery though, notice the black parts and the angle we're looking at on some of the shots.