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  1. I feel like we're being teased on the Hyundai for sure, but i also feel that it's fairly unlikely - RX at best, but still unlikely.  

    Remember that there isn't any (?) official Hyundai backing of the RX car, at least i don't think that backing is there, so he's just speaking of the looks of the game, tagging the only game, and the official one, but posting his own car, advertising?

  2. 1 hour ago, chukonu said:

    Most people know and love it as the "22b" though, regardless of "official" naming (what does that even mean when Subaru themselves market it as 22b in plenty of places) it seems people have taken a liking in it's acquired nickname. I used to be on your side for this, but saying 22b sure smoothens the conversation.

    It's a road car.  That's fine if they want to call the road going rally replica a rally car, but it's just a tribute special edition road car.  I guess it's like people calling magazines, clips, when clips are specifically another object....


    Shrug, we'll likely get what they're saying and possibly (:D) accept it, but they need to know they're talking about road cars with a rally style, not a rally car.

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  3. 4 hours ago, warpengage said:

    Does anyone know if we're still expecting an update to the Skoda Fabia WRC's engine sound?

    Good things should come before too long.

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  4. 2 hours ago, RodgerDavies said:



    My brain is saying “don’t get too carried away, it’s likely a McRae themed DLC pack” but my heart is saying “yey, there’s more rally stuff, dream big!”


    very Season 555 colours...

    Why would that be bad? Sounds like stage rally content to me 🙂

  5. I'm guessing what you're talking about is the drivetrain variance with the wheel gripping up and losing traction, then gripping again.  It's less pronounced in the VW engine, but it's still there in your recording.

    The recording of a launch wouldn't happen in the way you're talking as it would be a canned sound, CM link the recorded sounds to the physics engine, which is why you do/do not hear the sound you're talking about as cars lose/regain grip in various situations etc.

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