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  1. We're not saying the physics aren't working right, we're saying the steering effect of the car model is on a center pivot - it helps with the feeling of being able to "rotate" the car on slippery surfaces, it's one of the reasons why gravel feels so good, but on tarmac, not so much as the rear shouldn't move as early as it does when it's pivoting on the center point.


    It's not being done incorrectly, ie. it's not physics set for a non center pivot model, and then them having a center pivot model act upon that.  It's a center pivot model with the physics set to correctly act upon *that* - with it's obvious draw backs re the tarmac.

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  2. I'm still trying to work out why the planned arcade game, Dirt5, is a joke down the toilet....  is this because you wanted another sim game, from a game that's never been sim?  Wouldn't you benefit from the boon of simulation in that arcade is not being served?

    You can't just predict what will happen in ~3 years time when you start developing a game. 🙄

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  3. Yeah, i wanted them to step-advance the replay of the final, but we got it enough times to see that it was a really unfortunate racing incident 😞

    The Polo was clearly ahead of the Meganne when Johan stood on the brakes, Andreus only went up the inside because he was, i fear, too late on the brakes to make the apex from that inside line.  Everything thereafter was a really bad side effect of physics and tyre barriers, causing the Polo to inadvertently force the Meganne into the wall, no input needed from either driver for that to happen 😞


    Yeah, the Hansen's celebrations always seem a bit, nepotismistic? so much that even when they have a big deserved celebration that it still looks weird and unencompassing of anyone else on the circuit.

    Anyway, Bakkerud, i feel for him, i was surprised how off the pace he's been this year due to the car, after being practically the title winner last year, he was so genuinely happy during Sunday with the progress they made, and don't forget, on the front row for the final, he did that well! only to have it all binned on the first corner.  I've seen them before, i've almost been part of them, but that kind of really bad accident is hard to swallow, as i said, it's a really unfortunate racing incident, but seems bad enough that it must be someone's fault.

  4. There seem to be a lot of ways for controllers to interface, and whilst i've no idea if the physics poling rate has anything to do with it, i'm wondering if it does.  Someone in the gossip discord just this week had a crash issue that was graphics related, but unplugging their wheel helped with it.

  5. The sound library for D5 is the same for all C titles.  The differences are in how the mix is implemented in the games (notice the sounds are recorded from mic's positioned all over the car) and in how the game is using them (think gearing etc.)


    Notice in most D5 footage there seem to be two main things i've noticed in thinking the same thing about the sounds (not the quality, but the way they sound)

    The first thing is that a lot of cars have very tall gears, most of the footage i've seen they spend nearly the whole video in 1 or 2 gears, so there is a lot of "auto clutch slipping" type of sound.

    Secondly, notice how when the revs get to the top of the rev range, the engine *acceleration speed* slows down - i've seen this type of behaviour in other games, particularly in games where driving isn't necessarily the primary part of the game.  It's also a side-effect of over revving a pushrod motor (valve float essentially)


    Anyway, i think there are 3 things in play with how sometimes the sounds don't seem to sound quite right.

    1) Gearing

    2) Weird engine speed acceleration slow-down near redline

    3) Sound mixing likely not being final

  6. 12 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    Oh really? Thats interesting, so the Projekt-E cars have something in reserve then? 

    Yes, Coley did detail it in the first round, but i don't recall the specifics now, it was touched on again in Latvia that these are the lower cost versions and thus a little slower, i just don't remember if that's the only difference.