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  1. JZ, you've got to understand that whilst we're not saying you're wrong, you're also not posting any proof, you just keep 'trumping' it and saying, everyone knows. “Whenever you’re trying to do something that fits the engine—vehicles, for example—Frostbite handles that extremely well,” the developer said. “But when you’re building something that the engine is not made for, this is where it becomes difficult.” That's from the first quote, i'm not quite sure how else you could interpret that. As ricxx said, there is quite the difference between a game not being very g
  2. That's a post labelled "Your opinion is not a fact" It's from 4 years ago, talking about things that had happened in previous years, none of it mentions being forced to use the engine, it's some dev's saying that it does vehicles very well, but not the things it wasn't designed to do. It's very common knowledge that the engine is hard to work with, but is also continually developed and added to in order to broaden it's function. They broadly said that it couldn't do 3rd person stuff very well at all, neither of the two Star wars games had been released at that point (it's so old) an
  3. I have to imagine with the separation of Dirt teams, that car acquisition would fall to the team they "belong" to; Rally cars in DR and let's say more fun cars in Dirt - any allowable and/or easily changed licensing that lasts long enough for a cross-over car can be added to the other one.
  4. I must have missed 60 minutes..... Where did you see dev's being forced to use it? (not saying it didn't happen, but common knowledge it does not appear to be - public!=common) Why do you think that DR3 is going to be on Frostbite? Do you think they would waste all the dev time so far to move it over to another engine? Not a very difficult argument to make if you're a dev, hey, do we pay licensing for our game, or do we use the in-house engine to save time/money? I really don't think *any* forcing was required. And yes, Fifa uses Frostbite. If th
  5. You have no proof/idea that EA forced the use of the Frostbite engine - you're coming at *everything* from one side, and one side alone. Ever thought that your studio might want to save a ton of money and not buy licensing for engine and use the 'free in-house' one instead?
  6. Be careful of personal matters and the "he started it" comments.
  7. Let me shorten that for you: "I'd rather have the Dev team include more base stages than less" Your window dressing around that statement meant nothing as it didn't take into account reality.
  8. Wow, only watched the first few minutes of that video covering the S5 and, uh, had no idea it was still so lifeless, in a vacuum and inaccurate.
  9. Not the point i was making. I wouldn't care if they put him at the back (even though he has a realistic shot at the championship, so not right) but having him at the back and massively off pace too seems a little odd.
  10. Oh I'm sure he was, the livery change was inevitable, but yeah, the AI.....
  11. I understand the livery "missing" certain parts, that's an expected given, but that, that's a new low, quite the slight to Jon personally, i mean it borders on defamation if it's bad enough.
  12. All the gear, no idea? 😞 That's pretty unfortunate, and the two highlighted comments say it all.
  13. I think it does a very good job of humbling how DR is perceived, for the things it does wrong (or doesn't do right) just look at what the alternative can be - just realise how much skill and attention to detail is put into the DR series and how much effort would be required on such a wide front for WRC to be at the same level.
  14. I don't think they have the time or resources to pour this out on an annual basis, so i'm not really that surprised.
  15. They do have them, they're visually terrible from everything i've seen and apparently they made no effort (or have no ability/time) was made in the aspects of how those cars handled. I don't think they have much experience in non-AWD cars.
  16. High gfx? what resolution? Guess i'm asking dgeesi0
  17. Wow, alright.... Also, is it just me, or do you have graphics set to potato? Looks like a mobile game. Is that menu or in-game?
  18. Why's that? He's competing in the R5 cat.
  19. Thanks for the Redbull link PJ, i watched it there, not the commentary quality i want, but was nice to seem some coverage at least.
  20. Unlike the Audi, the Subaru 'issue' has become quite clear. The S3 was the GrpA and when it went WRC, it went straight to S5, there was never any S4 designations by Prodrive, unfortunately, the info wasn't clear/out there until i think either 2019 or 2020 when it was cleared up - however most licensees had assumed and used the S4 designation.
  21. S4? S4????!!!!!! argh 😄 bad SimVansevenant! I wasn't going to watch this because i was late for bed, but, um, i watched it anyway - interesting content, but i totally get what you're saying about the car models, they really are incredibly phoned in.... using an old Nokia...
  22. He doesn't live on the stages, one would need to journey to them.
  23. No, dumb-ass (you have to be joking, i know you're not actually dumb) it's not about A or B, it's the journey in-between 😄
  24. 😲 That over-run has so much bass to it that it sounds like a V8!
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