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  1. J0k3Rs

    R&D System 2019

    Completely agree these devs are a joke.. Just wait and see til you get to the next seasons, how stupid this actually gets.. Everyone changes team, Renault, Haas and Alfa romeo became the best cars on the grid, Raikkonnen won season 2 for me.. Hamilton to racing point, Gasly to Mercedes, Perez to Ferrari, Vettel to Renault, Charles to Red Bull, Ricciardo to Mercedes, Verstappen to Haas literally everyone changed team... Sad I can't refund this stupid ****... Drivers changes are fine as long as it's realistic and not stupid like that, only 1 or 2 per year, mostly low tier drivers and 2nd drivers, top tier drivers should change team every 2-3 years or so and no stupid R&D upgrades like that Alfa romeo which became the best car in 1 season.. Unrealistic mid-season drivers changes... I'm really disappointed with this game and knowing Codemasters nothing will change til F1 2020 so yea not buying their trash no more. Stupid money grab trash ass ******* company
  2. J0k3Rs

    F1 2019 career game crashes freezes [ZX]

    What are your specs?