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  1. No it does not have any effect from what I can tell
  2. Was this ever fixed? The season 1 blog post still says
  3. imbbs

    GRID Modding

    From poking around, it looks like AI driver and car stats are in the (encrypted) game.dat file and not accessible. It's similar to recent Codemasters F1 games, from what I've read.
  4. imbbs


    There are at least two other people with this problem, see an earlier thread (though there's no solution yet): edit. Nevermind, I don't think you have that problem cited here. I misread your post
  5. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I don't know if I had "bad luck" today, half of the races in online quick match (like 4 within an hour) were classic Ferrari 512 BB LM events, although on different tracks. It would be nice to have some more variety there. Are the Paris track and the hot hatch cars in quick play yet? edit: Yes Paris is in multiplayer quick match
  6. imbbs

    Saison 1 nicht spielbar

    Aus dem Thread "GRID Season 1 launching December 4 - Hot Hatch Showdown" Könnte also noch bis 01:00 Uhr heute Nacht dauern (00:00 Zeitzone England/GMT), bis es bei dir ankommt oder freigeschaltet wird.
  7. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I have no idea
  8. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    You can't have the green livery from the screenshot. The default (stock livery, see screenshot) is blue, you can not change the colour. There is no other livery that looks like it. And to your 2nd point, yes the Eagleray Mk5 is Skirmish only. You can't select it in Free Play, also can not customize or modify it. 😞
  9. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I had a quick look through the liveries as well, it's not in there. That's the stock livery, which is not customizable, but has a different colour in that video/screenshot than in the game.
  10. Someone must've already gotten it, if you believe Steam statistics (or they unlocked it with some tool) According to my own stats right now, it too would take me at least 500 more hours to complete..
  11. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I would like to see some support for Cyrillic, Japanese, Chinese and other alphabets in the game.
  12. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    To add a few more menu inconsistencies Playing through "Tuner" career, the cursor jumps back to the very first Touring TC-2 event, which is annoying when using controller as main input (there's also no way to jump from the most left event "over" to the right) After editing a livery or exiting livery editor (I forgot), jumps back to the first car in the list Race car tuning menu: X button (Xbox 360 controller default) is for "reset", however X is "apply" everywhere else (e.g. in settings), also no way to cancel from a reset tune (have to do it all over, automatically applies) Regarding AI: They mostly seem to drive in one big bunch, with finishing times almost the same +/- within a few seconds. This never happens in multiplayer (speaking from GRID 2 experience...), there's always some people way behind and way ahead
  13. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    GRID 2 had a "test car" thing in the garage where you could drive a car around a test track (I forgot which one it was). With the big selection of cars in GRID it would be nice to have such a thing, maybe even a dedicated test track that's part oval, part curvy track, part crash test/break check/drag strip area
  14. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    The "Find matches" screen should have some kind of indicator that the game is still.... working, GRID 2 had a spinning thing in the corner, in GRID 2019 there's a bit of smoke in the background but it goes away after a few seconds and doesn't come back.
  15. imbbs

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I have a few suggestions, mostly minor: I would like to see some more explanations on the options, for example: At the very start of the game you are asked to set brightness, I know how it works from other games (other people may not), but I was a bit confused what the two (and one invisible) GRID logos meant at first (a small hint would be enough, such as "adjust brightness until black logo is slightly visible" etc.) Clutch override in Gameplay settings (no idea what this means); the tuning menu before a race has explanations, something like that would be nice to see it some other places Minor bugs: You have to hold the <whatever> button to buy a car, I was confused first and hit the button a few times until I noticed the circle going around. I think the word "(hold)" is missing in the text here, it does say "(hold)" when selling though (I also don't see this mechanic used anywhere else, maybe replace it with a confirmation window like in older GRIDs) Global HIghscores don't load properly when I finish in top 100, it's stuck at place 100, sometimes shows my places and the rest starting at 100 Various improvement suggestions: Free Play: Remember choices after race ends, in case I want to tweak my event or play the same again Maybe show a list of available cars right there in the first selection menu, I had to search a bit for the Volvo.. Event name is purely cosmetical, wasn't obvious, I thought I was somehow starting a customized career event Free Play, car selection and other menus: You should be able to move around to the beginning of the selection after reaching the end (have to scroll aaaaaall the way back otherwise) In many places I find that a drop down would be preferrable to an (what feels like) endless scrolling list (race track location, car class...) Some kind of multiplayer pre-setup when joining for the first time: Adjust communication settings (enable/disable voice), make push to talk the DEFAULT Let me skip the intro video, maybe even the intro races... I'm playing on PC/Steam, Win10, Xbox 360 gamepad Going back and forth between GRID2 and GRID 2019, the biggest thing however would be the car physics and handling. It requires learning all over again, it's more sim than arcade, feels totally unlike GRID 1 and 2, not sure if chaning this is an option. I played for 3 hours and ofc it doesn't feel natural to me yet. Maybe something like "classic mode"/"arcade mode" would be possible? You know, throwing cars into corners without worrying too much, in new GRID I feel like even touching the handbrake will throw me out of the race completely.