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  1. CardinalCrew

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    I'm gonna play it regardless cuz it's a good franchise. Sure iracing can be a bit expensive to play every car at every track, but iracing is meant for the hard at heart players who actually want to improve lap times and perhaps translate their performance into a real car. The graphics are always getting better imo. You say that the original xbox one cant handle the graphics very well, then stop buying other games and save up that money to get a one x or one s. Or play it on oc for all I care. F2 wasn't utilized very well. We all wanted a full season out of it. But the title is "F1 2019" not FIA Formula 2019. Its the first time they're putting it in the game with a storyline to go with it. Just wait til next year to gripe about it. If it sucks next year then complain about it. Iracing doesn't have seasons cuz it's meant to be a multiplayer-based platform. I was a bit underwhelmed when I heard that the Senna v Prost experience is just a few invitational events. I wish that they added classic tracks as well for the SvP (Senna v Prost) events. But you know what, be glad that we're getting legendary drivers as playable characters in the game. All in all, just wait. a few months to complain like a baby about not having it a true sim game. If you want sim racing career mode with graphics of simulation, then figure it out on your own. Not everyone has experienced it yet, and with this thread you're hurting CM profits to make a better version next year.