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    Helmet/Character Customization

    I have wanted this for years and I think it would be great for F1 2021. First of all, character customization. Just like in Fifa or Madden, we should be able to choos a face preset (could be from the ones available right now) and then we should have the ability to change stuff like nose shape, eye color, eyebrow type, hair style... And helmet customization. I would LOVE to be able to customize my helmet like in the Moto GP game or like in GranTurismo Sport. Where you can add any decal you want to creat the helmet exactly as you like. So we could add shapes, flags, numbers, and choose the color, shape and placement of our sponsors. Also, it would be great if we could choose different visor colors, like the real drivers, not just black. And another thing, idk if it has to do with licences or anything, but I would love to have a choice on what helmet brant to wear. (Bell, Arai, Schuberth or Stilo) I hope you can read this and maybe take my ideas into consideration. Thanx!
  2. Oscarrs180717

    F1® 2019 - Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    2 questions 1.- Will all the buttons, encoders and switches from the Fanatec Formula v2 work anytime soon on ps4? Because Codemasters say that the wheel is compatible with F1 2019 on ps4, but just the regular buttons work. On f1 2018, the wheel wasn’t even listed as compatible and it has the same functions in F1 2019 and F1 2018. 2.- Will the fanatec Podium Advanced Paddles work for ps4? Specifically the upper paddles. Thanx!