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  1. Taiecosell

    [PC][General] My Game Keeps Crashing

    Sabba, is your system running ok in DX12 now as well?
  2. Thanks, I have a brand new PC with gigabyte Geforce RTX 2080 (so no old drivers to remove) and the game has never successfully loaded at all in DX12. (The DX11 version on steam works fine). I have had one interruption telling me the game resolution has changed..... This was after I had edited the MFD positions.
  3. Hi All, continuing to play my new boy card 🙂 I am having difficulty in finding F1 2019 on DVD in Aus, so looks like I will be forced to use Steam. My question, once I have purchased the game, can I down load it to my local PC, then simply play the game direct without having to be logged into Steam et al? Thanks for youy patience andhelp
  4. Cheers ptank, We are a fully fledged Mac household so I have the luxury of "reserving" the PC for sim use only. I would like to understand the potential performance impacts of running simhub (or similar peripheral managers) in conjunction with the game. I am looking to include a button box and perhaps build my own wheel as some point. One of the biggest attractions to a PC base for me is the ability to mod up a custom rig. The consoles seem to limit your options somewhat.
  5. Thanks Coffer, My envisaged build is: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600x GPU - Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming 8G OC Mobo - Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 (WIFI) Together with all the other bits, RAM, cooler and so on, here in Aus = $2,500 ish. This ought to give a good basis to expand in the future, potential second GPU if it is needed. Just looking for the specs for the next generation Xbox, I think they have been released.
  6. Thanks Neomo, I have just about made my decision to go PC - not cheap though...... Can I ask, ofc?
  7. Hi All, Just getting back in to F1 sim. I run F1 2018 on Xbox one X. Xbox presents a number of limitations particularly with regard to number of buttons/encoders that are recognised (not many). So I am considering a shift to PC, but it is an expensive decision - high performance CPU, GPU, cooling and so on. But you get greater mod opportunities (simhub etc.). However having had a quick browse through this forum it seems there are still performance issues with F1 2018/19 running on a PC? (Reminds me of the bad old days of GP2, 3 and 4, almost deja vu) So, requesting the collective's advice - should I shift to PC, or stay with my X box? Thanks all for helping an old timer out.
  8. Taiecosell

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    Thanks CJ, I was experiencing this issue with each app I downloaded and tested, but the problem is now SOLVED 😀 It seems that when the Codies team says use the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx for the IP address, they are not expecting (compulsorily) 12 digits, as it was in my "old" days. So replacing with fixed the problem - easy. Big shout out to the SRT team who responed to my question really quickly and made the suggeston.
  9. Taiecosell

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    Hi, I am very new, so apologies in advance. I have been trying to get a sim dash running on my iphone. I have tried at least three types and have also tried a UDP terminal, but so far no luck. The apps just sit there listening. I have forwarded ports (20777), given my Xbox a static IP and placed the IP in the DMZ, and Xbox reports the NAT as open. Xbox one and iphone are on the same WLAN. I don't know what else to try. I am in Australia using a Telstra smart modem (NBN). Does anyone have any other suggestions.? Thank you
  10. Taiecosell

    Hi All

    Hello, I am a brand new F1 Sim "addict". Currently own F1 2018 and running a Thrustmaster TX Ferrari F1 wheel and Pedal addon. Really enjoying the early days, lost of aids still on, but still great fun.