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  1. Have decided to delay the installation of the rotary switches for a little while, so have enclosed pics of the clutch assembly and joystick controller installed. I removed a couple of sections of rib to get the controller inside the wheel. No apparent loss of integrity in the wheel. Secured the controller with hot glue. Clutch assembly is bolted in place. Really happy with the clutch assembly except for the thin retaining bolt across the back - it has gone a bit rusty. Will replace this with a better quality bolt, SS maybe.
  2. Thanks Stevie, You are correct, the mapping was fine. Turns out I missed the assist setting for un assisted start. Selected un assisted start and hey presto, the clutch paddle works fine - too good really, out of three "new" starts, two jump starts and resulting penalty....... The manual clutch really increases the immersion level. Love it! The clutch paddle is the 3 DRAP paddle assembly (https://www.3drap.it/product/universal-magnetic-clutch-for-custom-steering-wheels/) and I use the Leo Bodner BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller. I intend to add two rotary switches to the wheel, the will also work through the LB board. The board fits neatly inside the top of the wheel.
  3. Hi All, a novice player looking for some advice on how to set up a clutch paddle. I have installed a analogue clutch paddle on my wheel. It is driven through a Leo Bodner joystick interface. The PC (W10) "sees" the clutch and I am able to calibrate etc. When assigning controls in F1 2019 set up I can assign the paddle to the clutch, so the software "sees" the paddle. But when I try to use the clutch in a race start, it seems to be ignored. The starts are the same whether I use the clutch paddle or not. Is there a setting or an "aid" in the software that I have to set up that I have missed? I have set the gears to manual with clutch. Regards,
  4. Taiecosell


    Tha same thing hs just happened to me at Bahrain
  5. Was competing in the Bahrain GP in career mode. Went through the practice sessions, qualified on pole, ran the race and was never headed except during the pit stops. Passed a number of back markers and was in the lead as we crossed the finish line. The game then said, race completed and put me in 19th! Bit annoying. Has anyone seen similar behavior?