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  1. frds2

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    On the other hand i have seen cars getting disqualified on the installation lap lol
  2. frds2

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    Engine failures are dumb because they don t affect the player at all but i agree that some racing contacts would be a nice addition
  3. Career mode was better in older F1 games. I only play grand prix mode with real drivers instead.
  4. frds2

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    By the way, I don't understand why AI cars are affected by DNFs while the player car is bulletproof. Also, AI pace is quite different in the race compared to qualifying sessions. I know development times are short but these things are not really hard to notice.
  5. frds2

    A.I. stupidity and cold or warm tires

    Well that's good news, I hope they won't stop with quick fixes. I remember that aero upgrades were unbalanced on F1 2018, giving you an insane amount of grip...is it still the case with the new game? I think they went too far with the upgrades system. Imho they should have left things as they were.
  6. What did they do to championship mode?
  7. frds2

    A.I. stupidity and cold or warm tires

    What about AI pace in wet conditions? Does Codemasters know that is clearly too slow?
  8. frds2

    I need help with difficulty

    I have heard is aot slower in wet conditions, Is it True? Does it need a fix?
  9. frds2

    F1 2019 Safety car bug [ZX]

    Also the safety car seems to get out too easily with crashes looking at youtube videos online.
  10. frds2

    F1 2018 vs. F1 2019 (engine sound)

    Honda and Ferrari engine are worse. Mercedes has better sounds but it's still inaccurate imho. Renault engine is the best.
  11. frds2

    F2 option for career mode...

    Ok, that is enough for me then but there are still a lot of problems left. I have listed some of them in my previous post. How is AI race pace this year?
  12. frds2

    F2 option for career mode...

    That is some proper ********. I suppose they didn't even implement the reverse grid then (race 1, race 2). Can you drive F2 cars in all tracks at least? I would like to create a custom championship. This is nothing they can't patch though but they won't because it's more important to work on the next game already instead of fixing the current one. I mean like the broken upgrade system which gives you an insane advantage when you install new aerodynamics parts. Or the fact you can't use the custom F1 car in career mode which would make a lot of sense. Why did they release in june I wonder?