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  1. CF86BR

    Safety car

    I haven't been playing this game for a long time, really unhappy with it. Last week I've started a new career after the Gasly/Albon swap and the fix of the driver transfers. In 4 races I had 2 safety cars. Also I've restarted one of those races, the same AI driver retired and the safety car came out again, made me feel it's scripted. And it also feels like a gimmick. An AI car goes of the track, the safety car comes out for around 3 laps, the AI car vanishes and that's it... I hope that in next gen consoles, with more firepower, they simulate marshals taking the cars of the track, at least it will feel like there is a need for a safety car.
  2. I don't get it why developers love rain so much. Past few seasons it haven't rained even in traditional rainy circuits such as Spa or Interlagos. Which was the last rainy race? Germany 2018? And before this one I don't even remember which one it was. But in Codemasters' mind it rains every 3 races. The rain in Codemasters F1 games always sucked. It starts to rain, the track looks wet, there is some spray, but you can't pit yet, you have to wait for the grip feel slippery. Then the rain is gone and there isn't that dry line like a 2001 game such as GP4 had. I wish career and championship mode had an option to change the weather like a quick race, I would definetely set it to clear 100% of the races, or maybe occasionally race a wet race in Silverstone/Spa/Shanghai/Interlagos. I know that some people love wet races, but I would rather have rainy races similar to Forza Motorsport 7, the rain ratio there seems realistic.
  3. CF86BR

    1.05 AI is a joke

    Aggression levels could also be named: Gasly, Vettel, Verstappen and rookie Stroll/Grosjean. The latter being an aggression level in which the AI couldn't care less for trading paint with the player.
  4. CF86BR

    SOS Senna & Prost

    It's in the championship area, along another kinds of championships. I did all of them, quite disappointing and silly. Only did it to use Senna's face and helmet in career mode, but the helmet looks quite silly without sponsors. And career mode is awful with so much driver transfers and mid level teams becoming top tear teams in the next season. Thankfully I paid cheap for it on a deal for PC, if I had paid a lot of money for it I would be mad about it.
  5. Game is not crashing for me, GTX 1080 Ti with old driver, 417.22 I think. Windows 10 with the most recent build. I've seen some people say that the Steam overlay causes some crashes, but I don't even know if my overlay is on or off.
  6. I think that, to begin with, we need a patch ASAP to balance the cars according to real life and to fix those insane driver transfers. I would be pretty happy for now with a simple on/off switch for driver transfers.
  7. CF86BR

    My game crashes

    I believe OP is playing the current version on PC, since me mentioned nVidia. OP, on Steam people are saying that playing in DX12 is causing crashes. Try playing in DX11 by right clicking on the game in your library and choosing this option. Also the Steam overlay might be a reason for it. I can't tell for sure because my game is running fine on PC.
  8. It is the correct one. I was really hyped with F2 in career mode, but extremely disappointed with Weber and Butler being there and having now way of taking them out of F2 career mode. So I've skipped the feeder series as he said and now I'm on the F1 career only with the real F1 drivers and my driver.
  9. CF86BR

    Difficult settings

    I feel the game is harder. I play on PC with a PS4 pad, traction control and ABS. Used to play 2018 at 100, had to go down to 90 testing on grand prix mode. On the first race in career I was 0,5s slower than my teammate in qualify. During the race I got really lucky to overtake him using a different strategy, the AI drivers on an extra stop slowed him down while overtaking, other than that I would have finished behind him. Tonight I'll find out if I'll have to go below 90 on the second race of career. BTW we need an update ASAP, Williams isn't always on the back of the grid, Racing Point is way better than real life, and on all my testing races Hamilton wasn't fast enough. On 2018 it was annoying how good Vettel was and how bad Hamilton was, comparing to real life. I hope this doesn't happen again because Hamilton was usually qualifying and racing at 4th position during my testings.