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  1. CF86BR

    F2 feature race strategy

    I'm winning tons of sprint races due to awful IA strategies. Sometimes I'm running 8th, then everybody pits, I don't, and I win. Yay 😐
  2. CF86BR

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    I don't get it why Codemasters loves rain so much. Every year is like that. A career mode weather option is a must have feature. I've opted to start my career as a full F2 season while there isn't a F1 team performance update, but the weather and awful strategy by the IA in F2 sprint races are making the experience so awful. Also in my career the DAMS drivers are terrible, they barely score points, not like the 2019 season at all.
  3. CF86BR

    Safety car

    I haven't been playing this game for a long time, really unhappy with it. Last week I've started a new career after the Gasly/Albon swap and the fix of the driver transfers. In 4 races I had 2 safety cars. Also I've restarted one of those races, the same AI driver retired and the safety car came out again, made me feel it's scripted. And it also feels like a gimmick. An AI car goes of the track, the safety car comes out for around 3 laps, the AI car vanishes and that's it... I hope that in next gen consoles, with more firepower, they simulate marshals taking the cars of the track, at least it will feel like there is a need for a safety car.