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  1. I fixed it updating dx11 for windows 7. Download the last version is something like Dx 11.1. I installed it and the game starts normally.
  2. Ok, it's ok. Thanks to the hardware_setting the Codemasters Customers service sent to me I fix the resolution problem. For the crash with Dx11 on Windows 7 I installed the last Directx. I think it's something like Directx 11.1 and the game starts normally. Thanks😁
  3. Ok, I downloaded and tried install the Windows patch KB2656356 (the patch that helped the guy of Steam) and windows said that this patch is already installed in my PC. Tried launch the game but it still crashing.
  4. Ehm...I cannot do ANY tipes of Windows updates cuz Windows isn't...you understand?😅
  5. One monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 910N Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP 1 I don't know if it's the last update cuz I cant do the Windows Updates, you know... But I have something that maybe can help you. Another guy, in the Steam discussion about the crash with Egodumper in f1 2019 with windows 7 and dx11 said it solve it installing this: Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 for x64-based Systems (KB2656356) Now, I cannot do any types of Windows Updates but, if I delete .Net Framework and Windows Server, what are coseguences for my PC? During the launch of the game the program that are running are: Steam Kaspersky Internet Security
  6. I did the clean boot procedure as suggested from the Codemaster's Custemers Service and launched the game in -safemode ma it's the same. The game crashed.
  7. I hope I can solve this today or tomorrow. 3 days that I can't launch the game😭
  8. Ok, it's open in window (before this it never did it) but black window and than the game crash. It crash when is windowed
  9. I always start it with Dx11 from the Steam Library. I'll never try Dx12 cuz is only for Windows 10
  10. Really thanks! Are two days that I try to solve this😭
  11. I sent it. Two times😢
  12. We cannot solve this problem here? With email is so confusionary i sent the dxdiag and they told that I have to send it to them.
  13. Ok, I send the email like you said. I hope the support team have a solution for this; is since yesterday night that I'm trying to solve this😥
  14. Done but nothing. Same problem. Sorry about that, maybe is a stupid thing but...If you change your in-game graphics option and then you post here your hardware_setting file with my resolution and all. I can replace my files with yours...Do you think that is solution?😩
  15. Yes, i've 2 GTX960 (SLI). I changed the driver and I've now the precedent version of 430.86. The Steam Overlay is off. And...what is MSI Afterburner? And How can I turn it off?😅 A screen 18 inch screen Samsung but it's old and that resolution is the max. And no i don't have afterburner