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  1. Similar? compared to the f1 game the iracing w12 is like another planet. Same for rss formula hybrid. These 2 handles pretty similar. To be honest the Game is far away from that. In the Games Cars are sooooooo understeery…. The cars are much more reactive and much more glued to the track. And u don’t have to await some strange behaviours in these cars and Not to forget the brake behaviour. In I Racing u have to use the brake much more carefully then in the game in the game u just slam the brakes… all this without that super strange understeering when u brake in the game which makes n
  2. nope he edited his post or it might be a diffrent one before it got moved.... dont know... but there was definitly what i said 🙂 i was right in that case 🙂
  3. Wait what? Monza and Abu Dhabi is in the Game. I think u mean Imola, Portimao and Jeddah and we have already a thread for it. Look there 🙂 i think this can be closed
  4. Please add a real cockpit cam, which should be a realistic one when u drive in a rig .The actual cockpit cam is more a helmet cam 🙂 The actual cockpit cam is fine and should stay ingame as helmet cam 🙂 This one added would be a cockpit cam. And for all of this please use normal values for FOV and everything. The FOV is so different from every other real simulation. And a lot more ability to move the cam. Acutally it's very limited with the sliders. You should be able to define all that settings by yourself and your setup, not only with the few values that are there. That would be gr
  5. Well, I was hoping for sliders for Camera Settings so long.... and i mean something where you can absolutely define your seat position (not just the ****** -1 til +1 thing), where u can choose the right FOV with real values... and i'm not sure if this is coming in 2021 but tbh i don't think so which is really sad.... because for every sim racer, who loves immersion and realism the actual settings are just poor So not sure if something like this will ever come 😄 Edit: and yes did the proposal multiple times in the last years (with explanation, with screenshots... well the new camera v
  6. Exodium

    Penalty System

    Nope, in real life they didnt get a warning for every corner on track... Maybe for 2 or 3 where it's to excessive (and an advantage) but not for the whole track
  7. Exodium

    Penalty System

    Well in Quali yes but not in the Race. ACC has a great system which checks if u gain an advantage.... In the game it's just ridiculous
  8. Exodium

    Penalty System

    Why Codemasters couldn't apply a realistic penalty system.... I dont know other game studios will get a great one like Assetto Corsa Competizione..... Even modder on AC get great systems..... Why Codemasters not
  9. You sre right with the thing that people complain about this stuff too much maybe But i have to say your text sounds really like awesome fanboy... dont wanna mention that u are.... it sounds just a little bit too much like it I mean its a good game.... but to tell every year a great game is way too much I mean there are a lot of things: Physics, FFB, UI, Camera Settings..... so many things that neeeeeds improvement before you should add some gamemode stuff..... So i dont wanna be the bad guy there but that's reality. I mean it's a good game but nothing more to be honest. Al
  10. kind of true, but when u think about it that nearly every third will get a place and yourself will not be year after year it sucks. ..especially if u see people who joined completely fresh.... i can fully understand such a disappointment
  11. It is just a luck Thing. I mean Barry said about 40% of the applicants will get an invite So nearly every second.... I have also about 400h on 2020 and 600 on 2019 and and didnt get an invite both Times.... Same for forum activity. Some People have 0 Post or Complete fresh account Just a luck Thing, next time, next try 🙂
  12. I dont know, was not lucky enough in the last years... But i assume it would be a seperate one. Maybe under the F1 categories or on the general forum But im pretty sure u wont miss it when you are in 🙂
  13. Well why everybody asks that. I mean just read @BarryBL statement on top of every Page! If u can see the Beta Forum congrats you're in and the codes were send in the next 10 days he hopes! If not you're not in, next time, next try!
  14. Its definitly Assetto Corsa with the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 🙂 Which is great and by far the best Formula 1 Car u can get 🙂
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