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  1. Its definitly Assetto Corsa with the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 🙂 Which is great and by far the best Formula 1 Car u can get 🙂
  2. Exodium

    Dedicated servers

    My fail... Deleted
  3. Exodium

    Overall Tracks

    Please add the Real tracks. I mean i know u didnt Lasers an the tracks (but u should). There is a guy whos making great comparisons between Real life and this game. The tracks are sooooo unacurate. But u will instantly get it when u play a Simulation like ac, acc or iracing. Please build realistic tracks. I mean when the corner angle is absolutly diffrent it sucks. Please Update ALL tracks to the realistic one
  4. Exodium

    Downshifting change

    @David Greco CM i will bring up this thread back.... i hope this is true and it will be changed. this is so unrealistic. u cant spam the downshift like this in real. u will instant spin and ur engine will blow up as hell 😄 i mean it's much better than in 2019 but atm also unrealistic as hell. also the extra downshift is always present, not that hard as in 2019 but it's there. thats also unrealistic because the engine doesnt infect the steering in that way. because it's all in the aero. sure in rl there is engine braking and so on but not like in the game. just try out the formula hybrid mod in assetto corsa, there it's much more realistic. i hope u guys change it in f1 2021
  5. Exodium

    Cockpit Cam / Helmet Cam

    Guys please add a real cockpit cam, which should be a realistic one when u drive in a rig .The actual cockpit cam is more a helmet cam 🙂 The actual cam is fine and should stay ingameas helmet cam 🙂 This would be a cockpit cam. Actual more a cockpit cam. And for all of this please use normal values for FOV and everything. The FOV is so different from every other real simulation. And a lot more ability to move the cam. Acutally it's very limited with the sliders. That would be great 🙂
  6. Exodium

    Online only Cockpit view

    Exactly what i want to have also. PLS add a "Force cockpit view" option... Thats how the official Esport Series should be. I mean as shark said... sitting on top of the car is riddiculous
  7. Exodium

    F1 2020 release time

    Nope u can play where ever u are 😊 And time zone change locally doesnt make sense on steam because its All Server sided not locally
  8. Exodium

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    Definitly. That's what i mean. I mean strict yes but it has to be as Real life. In some corner u can take the whole curb in others not. That's why i said that acc has a great system there since 1.4 It checks if u get an advantage. If not nothing happens except for an Info about no time gained. Clearly it is restriced u Cant get too much over curbs but such very very little things will not punished if u dont get time there. And the Best is that u didnt get a penalty when u avoid a collision for example and / or loose time when u have to take the way over Grass or something. Motsly u loose a lot of time there and then get punished... And That's Definitly not realistic. But i'm pretty sure it is something that can archived
  9. Exodium

    F1 2020 - Tracklimits

    It mist be very strict. Exactly what it is. Look at the Race Today in Austria where the Times were delete if u go out a bit too much... But the Main Problem is that u get warnings and penaltys if u loose time. There is a great system in Acc. It handles the stuff as nothing if u dont get an advantage and if u get then u get a warning
  10. Exodium

    2020 "real" season

    Exactly. They said that build a whole track needs almost a year of time. So would not make sense trying to build this season, espacially when u have in mind that the whole calendar is atm not fix.
  11. Exodium

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Yeah i think we all know that feeling. It's the same on my friendlist. But only 2 more weeks
  12. Exodium

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Don't be mad. I read this already. Want just kidding Barry for not getting in 😛
  13. Exodium

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    No problem mate. Do it this evening or tomorrow if u want 😛 😛
  14. Exodium

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Nice Commander Barry 😘
  15. Exodium

    F1 2020 FF

    After looking a lot of Videos it seems like the FF is much improved. Many people on YT say that now u are connected to the car and feel the tyres... And feel whats Happening compared to f1 2019 where u have to react what u See, not what u feel