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  1. 3 hours ago, steviejay69 said:

    He did say Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), San Marino (Imola) and Portugal (Portimao). Italy (Monza) and UAE (Abu Dhabi) are in the game. You're the one talking different tracks, he was correct. 🙂

    nope he edited his post or it might be a diffrent one before it got moved.... dont know... but there was definitly what i said 🙂

    i was right in that case 🙂

  2. Please add a real cockpit cam, which should be a realistic one when u drive in a rig .The actual cockpit cam is more a helmet cam 🙂

    The actual cockpit cam is fine and should stay ingame as helmet cam  🙂

    This one added would be a cockpit cam. And for all of this please use normal values for FOV and everything. The FOV is so different from every other real simulation. And a lot more ability to move the cam. Acutally it's very limited with the sliders. You should be able to define all that settings by yourself and your setup, not only with the few values that are there. That would be great 🙂


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  3. 5 minutes ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    Just give us a % slider in increments of 5 to set our own percentages.

    Well, I was hoping for sliders for Camera Settings so long.... and i mean something where you can absolutely define your seat position (not just the ****** -1 til +1 thing), where u can choose the right FOV with real values... and i'm not sure if this is coming in 2021 but tbh i don't think so which is really sad.... because for every sim racer, who loves immersion and realism the actual settings are just poor

    So not sure if something like this will ever come 😄

    Edit: and yes did the proposal multiple times in the last years (with explanation, with screenshots... well the new camera view is a good starting point)

  4. Nope, in real life they didnt get a warning for every corner on track... Maybe for 2 or 3 where it's to excessive (and an advantage) but not for the whole track

  5. Well in Quali yes but not in the Race. ACC has a great system which checks if u gain an advantage.... In the game it's just ridiculous 

  6. Why Codemasters couldn't apply a realistic penalty system....

    I dont know other game studios will get a great one like Assetto Corsa Competizione..... Even modder on AC get great systems..... Why Codemasters not

  7. You sre right with the thing that people complain about this stuff too much maybe

    But i have to say your text sounds really like awesome fanboy... dont wanna mention that u are.... it sounds just a little bit too much like it

    I mean its a good game.... but to tell every year a great game is way too much

    I mean there are a lot of things: Physics, FFB, UI, Camera Settings..... so many things that neeeeeds improvement before you should add some gamemode stuff.....

    So i dont wanna be the bad guy there but that's reality. I mean it's a good game but nothing more to be honest. Also the sim part of the game is very small.... but well it is a game, so yeah :)

    Just to clarify the things a little bit :)

    Don't be mad at me

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  8. On 5/27/2021 at 5:40 PM, UP100 said:

    It certainly is not pure luck. Here are some examples of how to get in to the beta (coming from someone who's been here for five years in a row now)

    • Participate in test sessions
    • Participate in CMFC events or hang around with us on a regular basis
    • Be a memorable user from the Technical Assistance forum (Example: steviejay)
    • Have significant contributions on the General Discussion side for a long period of time
    • Read through the beta application thoroughly and please write 'None' if you don't want to test 2P career

    and so on. Generally, being active with us without bothering us is a great way of getting in. Obviously you have a chance to get into the beta without being active, but then you're battling against over 10 000 other applicants 🙂 

    kind of true, but when u think about it that nearly every third will get a place and yourself will not be year after year it sucks. ..especially if u see people who joined completely fresh.... i can fully understand such a disappointment 

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  9. It is just a luck Thing. I mean Barry said about 40% of the applicants will get an invite

    So nearly every second.... I have also about 400h on 2020 and 600 on 2019 and and didnt get an invite both Times....

    Same for forum activity. Some People have 0 Post or Complete fresh account

    Just a luck Thing, next time, next try 🙂

  10. I dont know, was not lucky enough in the last years... But i assume it would be a seperate one. Maybe under the F1 categories or on the general forum

    But im pretty sure u wont miss it when you are in 🙂

  11. Well why everybody asks that. I mean just read @BarryBL statement on top of every Page!

    If u can see the Beta Forum congrats you're in and the codes were send in the next 10 days he hopes!

    If not you're not in, next time, next try!

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  12. Please add the Real tracks. I mean i know u didnt Lasers an the tracks (but u should). 

    There is a guy whos making great comparisons between Real life and this game. The tracks are sooooo unacurate. 

    But u will instantly get it when u play a Simulation like ac, acc or iracing. 

    Please build realistic tracks. I mean when the corner angle is absolutly diffrent it sucks. 

    Please Update ALL tracks to the realistic one 

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  13. On 7/8/2020 at 4:36 PM, David Greco CM said:

    is even less irl, but you guys are clearly not ready for it yet. will get there with time 😄

    @David Greco CM i will bring up this thread back....

    i hope this is true and it will be changed. this is so unrealistic. u cant spam the downshift like this in real. u will instant spin and ur engine will blow up as hell 😄

    i mean it's much better than in 2019 but atm also unrealistic as hell. also the extra downshift is always present, not that hard as in 2019 but it's there. thats also unrealistic because the engine doesnt infect the steering in that way. because it's all in the aero. sure in rl there is engine braking and so on but not like in the game. 

    just try out the formula hybrid mod in assetto corsa, there it's much more realistic. i hope u guys change it in f1 2021

  14. Guys please add a real cockpit cam, which should be a realistic one when u drive in a rig .The actual cockpit cam is more a helmet cam 🙂

    The actual cam is fine and should stay ingameas helmet cam  🙂

    This would be a cockpit cam. Actual more a cockpit cam. And for all of this please use normal values for FOV and everything. The FOV is so different from every other real simulation. And a lot more ability to move the cam. Acutally it's very limited with the sliders. That would be great 🙂


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  15. 2 hours ago, Falstojudilofa said:

    Yes, it should be strict. But the limit they use in F1 2019 on strict is not improving the racing. In real life the real limit on some corners are on the outer side of the exit curbs. So you are allowed to have all 4 wheels over the white line, as long as you have at least one tyre on the exit curb. On F1 2019 every limit is on the white line. Cross the white line, you'll receive a warning. Those curbs are so wide for a reason: they should be used! The modern cars are so much faster than the cars were these tracks were designed for. If you must stay within the white lines, you can't get the maximum potential out of the car.


    Not even talking about all the penalty's and warnings I've received for 'cutting' the inside after a push from behind or trying to avoid another car. You lose more than 2 seconds because your exit is comprimised, but you still get a penalty for cutting. It makes online racing an awful experience overall.

    Definitly. That's what i mean. I mean strict yes but it has to be as Real life. In some corner u can take the whole curb in others not. That's why i said that acc has a great system there since 1.4

    It checks if u get an advantage. If not nothing happens except for an Info about no time gained. Clearly it is restriced u Cant get too much over curbs but such very very little things will not punished if u dont get time there. And the Best is that u didnt get a penalty when u avoid a collision for example and / or loose time when u have to take the way over Grass or something. Motsly u loose a lot of time there and then get punished... And That's Definitly not realistic. But i'm pretty sure it is something that can archived

  16. It mist be very strict. Exactly what it is. Look at the Race Today in Austria where the Times were delete if u go out a bit too much... But the Main Problem is that u get warnings and penaltys if u loose time. There is a great system in Acc. It handles the stuff as nothing if u dont get an advantage and if u get then u get a warning

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  17. 4 hours ago, BarryBL said:

    Applicants have been selected and access has now been granted to the 2020 BETA forum area for the new testers. If you can see it, you're in and waiting for a code.

    Oh yeah i forgot you @Exodium. I will add you as fast as possible 🙂

    No problem mate. Do it this evening or tomorrow if u want 😛 😛:classic_biggrin:

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  18. 41 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    Update incoming.

    I will be beginning to add users into the BETA forums, slowly but surely.

    We have 900 to do, so don't panic. Also, if you start to see the forum and not receive the code, don't panic. 900 codes is the simpler bit, its getting 900 users into the forums which takes time. To sum up, don't panic 😛 

    Nice Commander Barry 😘

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