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  1. @Faya In league mode the AI difficulty stops at 100, but the game difficulty actually goes up to 120. This needs to be increased from 100 in league mode as it does not provide enough competition for some players in leagues. This combined with the lack of time of day settings and weather settings makes league play inferior to the old Online championship mode from last year.
  2. Mik2232

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Yep the League mode is not even close to Online Championship from last year. No setting to change the time of day (dusk/dawn etc) no weather settings and you CANNOT save between sessions in case someone has to leave and you have to restart which you could do last year in Online Championships! Hopefully @Faya has luck passing these requests on to the team
  3. Mik2232

    Fanatec Formula V2 button mapping

    You should have done some research first. Microsoft does NOT allow more than the standard Xbox buttons to be assigned on any device connected to the Xbox One. The PS4 has more button mapping than the Xbox does. This has been an issue on the Xbox One since launch day and Microsoft have no intention of fixing it. Even if codemasters allowed more button mapping in the game the Xbox Protocol would not allow it. There is a 150 page thread on the Microsoft site about this lousy system they have on the Xbox.
  4. Yeah we need the revs of the 2019 cars fixed, so we have more of the real life scream as it climbs, the engine just sounds so lazy and monotone right now
  5. Mik2232

    Neon glow Ferrari

    @Faya In the game the Ferrari colour is more neon orange compared to the real life colour of the car. As can be seen here the colour difference the real car is darker
  6. The engine noise needs around 500 more rpm at least to make it a bit more punchy and exciting
  7. Mik2232

    Lando Norris opinions on the game

    THIS Would love the overtake button that depletes the ERS like real life, especially because in real life when after every race Hamilton talks about using the OT button or Bottas said last week he had to get right on the OT button in quali on the straight etc. ERS would be automatic or even set by a practice programme and you just control the overtake button, and it depletes the charge and you cannot use it again until its recharged
  8. THIS The feeling of driving the cars feels just a bit weird because of the sound, you can't really get it from a youtube video. There feels a disconnect between the speed and the revs, like what MrGhost010 said, it always sounds like it was shifted too early and the revs have gone sluggish, especially the 2019 custom car. I have even missed upshift due to thinking I wasn't near the limiter when it was on it! It needs a more 'punchier' 'racier' rev noise To get it fixed more people will have to contact Codemasters and make the complaint known
  9. The real life Renault engine is louder more aggressive, especially in the lower revs, and quicker building revs less 'lazy' sounding that's the problem with all the in game 2019 cars
  10. Mik2232

    Neon glow Ferrari

    The 2019 Ferrari emits an almost neon radioactive glow as the livery is too bright in the game. This is being widely complained about on Reddit, hopefully Codemasters when they update the liveries will adjust it so it does not look so out of place in the game, as it stands out so much compared to the other cars. Hopefully that and fix the 2019 engine sounds.
  11. Mik2232

    Finally real tires

    Looks awesome wish I had a pc
  12. The main thread was a petition over the sound issue but its been merged into the gearing thread, which may or may not be related. Either way the sound of the 2019 cars and custom cars seems to be the biggest issue this year
  13. So Hamilton left the championship lead during mid season at Mercedes and joined Renault who had only scored 23 points. I doubt if toto had punched him and reduced his wages would he even do that. Yeah mid season changes need to go, maybe keep them for lower grid drivers
  14. Ive missed so many gear changes because top rev noise sounds almost the same to medium revs etc. Also the fact that gears 2-3-4-5 are about a 1sec too quick to reach top rpm these gear ratios need lengthened a bit on the bottom end. The engines need to be made to sound 'racier' especially the custom car On a side note: has anyone had a problem with the new font in the current gear hud as it has made the number 1 look like the number 2 in your peripheral vision. Its fine directly looking at it but when driving and using peripheral vision to keep note gear the shape of the 1 in the slightly blurred peripheral vision makes it look like a 2, I've knocked it into neutral a few times because of this. Maybe just me
  15. In 2018 turn 12 at Bahrain (the fast right hander after the last drs straight) could be taken flat, and this year in real life the cars were also doing that. However in the 2019 game the 2019 cars you have to lift quite a bit to get round that corner. I have also noticed that the fast esses at Silverstone are more unstable now also. Its as if the downforce on the cars has been reduced, was this because codies thought this is how the cars would be this year, when in fact they have equalled the downforce from last year and are in fact quicker. Will the car performance like this be fixed?