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  1. AI drivers always tend to have a lot of problems with both reliability and engine breakdowns, and in 85% of cases they are always ahead of me. It's quite frustrating to gain positions in this "easy" way and not fighting it on the track as it should be. Please, I wish there was a little nerf in this regard, even if they continue to maintain the problems AI may have in the race
  2. 1.- Are you going to update the R.S.19? Because in real life the car has, like the RB15, at the front two mini wings. Attached photo so you can see it REAL LIFE F1 2019: 2.- Are you going to update Sainz's helmet? He introduced in Spain a new design of his helmet, and he has kept it up to now, I guess he will finish the season with that design REAL LIFE: F1 2019: @Faya thanks a lot for your time!! ❤️❤️ Greets!! 🙂
  3. It's quite frustrating ... Thank you very much for the contribution 😊😊
  4. Hello everyone! How are you? 🙂 Have you noticed that every time we make a start in a F2 race, the car gets stuck at 2744 rpm and at least 3 drivers surpass us? For what I ask. Do you have any tricks or advice to make a good start and have a chance to overtake a driver at the start? I'm playing with PS4 controller and medium TC. Thanks anyway ❤️
  5. alon11esp

    Info Request - PS4 - Framerate issues

    1. Base PS4 2. Only in Career Mode 3. After installing the 1.06 patch I started to play Career Mode and the issue appeared 4. No 5. No. I'm playing with controller 6. No
  6. On PS4? It is as if the game was not fluid in career mode, I do not know if I am explaining myself well. I'm from Spain and is a little bit difficult explain my case in English, sorry!! 😞
  7. It's like you don't feel fluid, I don't know if you understand me. But in the Grand Prix mode that feeling disappears, and it goes smoothly
  8. Yesterday I was playing Career Mode, with patch 1.05, and driving felt like it was going to 60 fps, today when I opened Career Mode again, I started my weekend in Austin and the feeling is that it is not going to 60 fps . In all other game modes, it goes smoothly, what can it be? I will keep you informed if it happens in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. EDIT: It's only happening in Career Mode. In the rest of the game modes the game feels good!! We need a solution soon @Faya please ❤️
  9. I feel the game not running at 60 fps in PS4 after the 1.06 patch...